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Reviews for Aubiose Bedding - 20kg

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Really good! -

This is clean stuff - easy to use and very economical. Used hemp rots down very quickly on the compost heap. Cannot recommend too highly.

Great for nest box - Dorset,

I use this product in the nest box and my chickens seem to love it. I have also started using it in the cats litter tray and it works perfectly, and is so much cheaper than standard cat litter. I have been using it since February and I still have over 3/4 left.

Great for chickens -

Makes cleaning chicks out so much easier. Great for compost heap too. Chicks love scratching about in the hut - especially given the horrid weather of late. Added bonus - absorbs smells!

Brilliant product -

I love this animal bedding and use it for chickens ,rabbits and guinea pigs.It is super absorbent.

Superb - Surrey,

A superb product, much nicer to use than sawdust on the floor of the coop. It also composts well.

Ideal for chicken run -

Brilliant product. Use it in chicken run and stays dry underfoot. Highly recommend but is cheaper at local supplier so will get from there in future

Great -

Aubiose bedding is great for the chicken run keeps it dry and I just rake it over every other day. It's good for keeping the coop dry as well. Amazing value as well. Wouldn't use anything esle. Highly recommend

good quality product -

The texture of this is firm and crumbly. Seems a substantial form of bedding and does not fly away like some others. I am deep littering it with some chopped cardboard bedding at the moment and both seem to be performing well

Exactly what I needed. -

We are very happy with this bedding, both me and my hamster. Soft, looks great in viviarium and absorbs moisture as promised.

excellent product -

Been looking for something other than straw for my ducks came across this on omlet and thought I would give it ago and glad I did best thing I've found up to now . very easy to use lasts a lot longer so we use less makes it cheaper for use

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