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An excellent product -

I am new to chicken keeping so have never used anything else, but this bedding seems to be ideal in every way. It is worth the expense and makes for easy cleaning and happy hens.

great stuff -

This is brilliant bedding smells nice and looks clean.

Chickens seem to like it. -

Bought this after reading reviews and thought I'd try it. My chickens seem to like it. The only down side to it is that if used in the eglu cube nesting area, newspaper has to be put down first otherwise it all falls through the hole.

Aubiose -

Excellent!! Very absorbent, keeps smells to a minimum, more or less dust free, all of which leads to happy chickens!! Seems to lessen the work load when it comes to cleaning out the hen houses! Thank you Omlet.

Very nice, lasted for a long time -

This large bag of fine, compressed wood-chips has lasted an extremely long time for our 4 girls. We still have about 20% of it left after regularly filling up the dropping trays in our Cube.

Excellent for keeping the chickens dry -

Easy to use, economical, chickens very happy laying in this bedding.

Excellent - Norfolk,

The bag lasts forever, and dropping just seem to disappear when used in the droppings tray! It feels really soft, and takes away all odours. Droppings just slide off the tray, so when you clean out the house you dont have to scrub away at sticky ones!

Excellent -

Have used Aubiose to replace straw in nesting boxes and roosts for my chickens. It keeps them dry and there is hardly any odour when I clean them out each morning. There is less waste so composting is easier in that it takes up less space. Also, my hens march into the roost when I've cleaned and immediately start kicking the bedding about looking for seeds. Straw flies everywhere. They are doing this less now and so the bedding isn't spread into the run and beyond. I'm very pleased with Aubiose. Lastly it keeps the eggs clean.

Cosy -

This has worked really well in the classic rabbit hutch for mum and 4 chicks on top of a non slip rubber mat. Also with the addition of some rubber mat in the cube to cover the slot in the base of the nest area the grown up girls are very happy ...

Fresher longer -

I have read quite a few reviews on this product (mostly on the omlet forum). I used the last of my wood shavings and decided to go for aubiose to see how good the product was. I immediately realised how dust free the product was when I was putting it on the bucket, much easier to use than shavings. I noticed when I cleaned the cube thus week the dust levels were down, which must be doing the hens some good. It seemed to smell a lit better too! I very much doubt I would go back to woodshavings again

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