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Excellent -

I was having trouble with soft shelled eggs but this sorted them out and we are back to wonderful eggs.

Review of Equimins she'll improver -

Excellent product? My three hens are now laying again after three weeks of having the powder in their mash every day. Their shells are slightly stronger so the hens are not breaking them as soon as they lay them.

Excellent! -

The egg shells from my 4 year old chickens have improved dramatically since using Equimins. No more broken and fragile eggs! Wish I had found this product earlier.

Hardened shells within days -

What a remarkable product. Within two weeks of using the Egg Shell Improver, the eggs went from soft to hard shells. The chickens did not hesitate to eat the food with the powder sprinkled over it.

Works well! -

I have been adding this product to my chickens treats and i've had very good results. Plus the chickens like it which is a great bonus!! :)

A great product -

I mix it into their mixed corn treat a couple of times a week. My oldest chuck is five years old and sometimes lays soft shelled eggs. The Shell Improver has helped correct this.

Brilliant -

This product has helped the quality of our girls' shells and is so easy to use.

Egg shell improver -

Excellent product. Easy to use and has really improved my chickens eggs. They were having oyster shell but this seems to work much better.

Eggshell Improver -

This product has done wonders for my small ageing flock. They are picky about eating their food and following a minor moult, the shells were very thin and brittle. This product has been mixed in with their green feed and the resulting eggs have lovely strong shells with a beautiful bloom - just as they were a year ago. Excellent product and sold at a reasonable price.

Very Pleased Richard 7 aug 2011 -

The Product Works And Very Good Price