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Reviews for Quiko Liquid Calcium Concentrate 250ml

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Quiko Liquid Calcium Concentrate -

Very pleased with the end result. My ladies all seem to be feeling much healthier and eggs have stronger shells after using the calcium concentrate. Will definitely recommend to my friends..

Liquid Calcium -

Seems to be working with my chickens. Their egg shells were a little on the thin/brittle side, now they have firmed up quite well. I only give the calcium 3 or 4 days out of 10 as they have other supplements at different times.

excellent product does what it promises -

my hens now lay eggs with complete shells every time

Not sure yet!?! -

Not sure if this product works. I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks now and some days I see an improvement but other days I don't.

Easy and effective -

I've been using this for years now (used to be hard to get so I'm glad that Omlet are selling it). If I notice that the eggshells are getting a little soft I start adding Davinova to their water, starting with the maximum dose and then reducing it as the eggshell quality improves. If you start using it as soon as you notice any problem it works very quickly and effectively.

Made a slight difference to soft shells -

We give our girls grit containing oyster shell - sprinkled on the ground, in a grit box and mixed in feed but one of our girls still lays soft shelled eggs. After a couple of weeks use there has been a slight improvement. I've just doubled the dose which is permitted to see if that helps. So I think it works slowly. I've given it a 3 star rating as it works slowly and I think the bottle will only last a month or 2 so it is expensive. I'm now looking for a cheaper alternative.