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Reviews for Chicken Keeping Starter Pack Plus

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happy - Fife,

Happy chickens, happy us.

Perfect for beginners. - Devon,

Supplies you with everything you need to get going. Will need to order more of a few bottles, as they aren't that big.

Excellent for newbies -

Perfect, this pack has everything the new chicken keeper needs.

great start -

I wouldn't have known where to start with my chooks, so was pleased to be able to have everything I might need in one easy purchase

Splendid starter pack -

Everything you need to get started with your new chickens.

Great -

Have used all of the products and only starting to run out....with 6 chooks... 3 months after getting it. My ex batts settled in really well and very perky in no time. Not sure about effectiveness on wormer as was supposed to put a certain number of scoops per chicken per day for a week and my girls take 3 days to get through their 2 grubs so just ended up pouring the wormer pellets in. The disinfectant (green thing) is great to clean out the poo tray with..I use the spray and some kitchen role and for a BIG clean poultry spice is also very good. Would recommend to a newbie like me who doesn't really have a clue what you need to start out.

Good but quite small -

Has everything you immediately need - which is brilliant. I was slightly disappointed by the size when it arrived.. I had expected the "starter pack plus" to have a little more "plus". All the products have been excellent.