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Reviews for Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

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Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

An invaluable tool during the moulting season!

Brilliant! - An Omleteer,

This certainly gave the chickens a lift and the egg production has gone back to one each a day! They look a lot happier too. Certainly recommend it.

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

I am perservering with this product but my bantams do not like the taste. They have not had it long enough to see if it works

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

I sprinkle this in the food before I feed it to the girls! They love it. Another brilliant product!

AMAZING!! - An Omleteer,

I added this to my chickens food and within a few days I noticed an amazing improvement. They were more active, bright eyed and happy. Their egg laying increased dramatics. TRULY AMAZING! I would recommend this product to anyone. FANTASTIC.

Brilliant - An Omleteer,

This is really good stuff as my chickens started to moult and needed some TLC. This seems to do the trick and helps through the cold weather would definatley recommend.

Amazing spice - An Omleteer,

I had a broody hen who was barely eating and proving difficult to break. A spoonful of this on some dried meal worms and corn soon turned her around. Both girls have amazing appetites and are full of beans despite the bad weather and short days. The broodiness has also stopped!

Chicken Spice - 450g - An Omleteer,

Fantastic mixed with mash, the girls are looking great and laying well. I'm sure this is helping to keep them in such good condition. will certainly buy again

Eating Again!! - An Omleteer,

the ladies have been off there food for a few weeks and with a sprinkling of this on top are now devouring there mash....was really impressed with the speed of delivery and also the price,

Smells good! - An Omleteer,

this smells good enough to put on my porridge in the morning! I have noticed that the Ladies' eggs seem to have better quality shells and their feathers look very good. It's great value too as it will take me ages to use the tin.

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