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Reviews for Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

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J'adore chicken spice! - An Omleteer,

I bake cakes with this for my chickens! I make the usual fairy cake mixture up (using their eggs, of course!) and add a good heaped teaspoon of the spice and bake in oven for the 20 minutes 180 degrees. I make enough to last 4 4 days and they love it. Also mash potato (with skins)and broccoli with a small teaspoon of spice added. My 7 chickens devoured a generous helping within 20 minutes and still wanted more! Good stuff! :-)

Chicken spice - An Omleteer,

Our chickens are a little better already.

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Certainly the right spice for our 4 girls (now nearly 2 yrs old). Its got them through their first proper moult and back to laying 5 or 6 per week each, starting mid Jan. Very easy to disperse within pelleted feed - thoroughly recommended.

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Brilliant product - my 2 hens had not laid for over a week and are now laying better than ever

Chicken Spice Powder - An Omleteer,

Easy to use. Girls seem to be happy with it. Wouldn't mind it myself.

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

I bought this as one of my girls was going through a transformation! Let me explain, I rescued 3 girls from the Battery Hen trust. Ginger and Nutmeg were healthy looking, but poor Chicken Little was a sorry soul with very few feathers as she had been literally hen pecked and bullied in her horrid cage! So just before Christmas she decide that she would go through a full moult! In January as we all know night time temperatures plummeted and I was so worried about her that I even put a blanket on top of the Eglu to keep her extra toasty as by this stage she was nearly bald! I have added the spice to their layers pellets for just over 2 weeks now and she looks like a new girl! I don’t know if it was coincidence with buying this product, but I definitely feel it has helped her through this mineral and calorie zapping time. I would give it a go!

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Great product - seems to have perked my chickens up and they didn't complain about the taste!

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

chickens love it ! It smells nice too!

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Very easy product to use and smells lovely like aniseed. As my chickens had started their molt I was looking for a supplement to help them through it, so on finding this I jumped at it. I'm convinced it helped them, their feathers have grown back beautifully and they look to be eating more of their food than before! Result!

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

My chickens won't touch this - not even when mixed with their favorite sweetcorn. They are very suspicious of it and won't come within a foot of it. Must be the smell rather than the taste as they have not even tried it!

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