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Reviews for Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

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Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

Smells lovely! Natural ingredients only in this curry spice mix for hens. I've only been using it for a week, so too early to give it a proper review as to its effects, but the chooks seem to like it. I know that pigeon racers have been using this stuff for years and they know a thing or two about keeping birds in fine fettle.

Works well but find it fiddly - An Omleteer,

As good as poultry tonic but I've given it 4 stars as I prefer the tonic as you simply add it to water. Although our chooks love this stirred in a mash on cold winter mornings.

spice up your life - An Omleteer,

For feathers that look like they have just stepped out of the salon!

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

This is the first year I have experienced moulting hens and was quite concerned at how pathetic my poor chicks looked. Within 2 days of using this product they had perked up no end. I am having to disguise it quite well in their food as they don't seem to be overkeen on the taste but it is certainly doing the job.

Marvellous Stuff - An Omleteer,

Poultry spice is so easy to use and since I started using it I haven't had any soft shells and (touch wood!) my birds have seemed really well. They don't look too tatty even though they seem to be losing a lot of feathers - no bald spots which I did expect over the moulting period.

who needs a curry night! - An Omleteer,

when you canhave a curry day! Ironic really that this superb product smells of curry, the poor birds must think they are being pre seasoned! Enough of that though, this product makes a huge difference to the birds condition particulary in when in moult seeming to shorten the moult time. Highly recommended for birds which are changing environment or for the whole flock when a new edition is being introduced, seems to just help things tick over. Smells fab too!

Very good! - An Omleteer,

Since adding poultry spice to my chooks food they've become much perkier and active.Can't be certain its solely down to the spice or something else, but they're in great condition and would like them to remain that way. It also reminds me of curry!

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Excellent product, my chickens were going through the moult and looked totally mistreated and were taking ages to grow feathers back, I purchased this and noticed a dramatic difference, they look healthy and happy and all of their feathers are nearly grown back , I will continue to use this great supplement.

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