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Reviews for Battles Poultry Drink - 500ml

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Chicken tonic - An Omleteer,

Excellent product noticed different in condition of feathers within a few days

Chicken Tonic - 500mj - An Omleteer,

First purchase of this so will expect tonic to benefit the chooks as described.

Chicken Tonic - An Omleteer,

Pleased with this product and after a few days my hen perked up.

More tonic - An Omleteer,

A good item, and i'm buying more of it!

Great! - An Omleteer,

Nice to have easy to administer tonic with sugar to pep up the chickens in winter. Try not to get this pink stuff on your hands tho! V

ChickenTonic - An Omleteer,

This is a really good product for the chickens. Easy to use.

Poultry Tonic Drink - An Omleteer,

Really helped whilst moulting, chickens still laying and moult was quickened.

chicken tonic - An Omleteer,

poppy, daisy, pansy and lily seem busting fit! so i guess they're happy!

Chicken Tonic - An Omleteer,

They seem to love it and it coincided with a boost to egg production.

Poultry drink - An Omleteer,

I am very happy with this product. I have used it now for one week and I can really see a difference. The hens' feathers are shinier. it definitely made a difference. Thank you.

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