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Reviews for Nettex Poultry Nutri Drops - Fast Acting

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very easy to understand dose -

good stuff!

Does exactly what it says -

Definately would recommend this product as a quick chicken pick-me-up.

Wonderful! -

I will be buying a second bottle of this soon, just to make sure I always have more on hand. My girls weren't dealing with the stress of their move very well. They had gone off their food, were fighting a bit, generally lethargic and not laying. Two days of this and they are completely different hens. I put a dropper in their water and a dropper in their food for four hens, rather than directly into their mouths. It still worked incredibly. I'm a believer!

poulty nutri drops - An Omleteer,

Absolutely fantastic product, my polish frizzle had respiratory infection she had antibiotics but still unwell one day of this and she looked brilliant, infection has stayed away, when she first had infection didn't think she would pull through.

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