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Reviews for Ultimate Chicken Health Pack

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Good starter pack -

Starter pack with a good selection of items that will cover most chicken ailments

vitimens pack -

very good starter pack

Great value -

This offers a great saving on the price of all the items individually. Provides everything you are likely to need to keep your chickens strong and healthy

everything hens need. -

This pack is really well put together to cope with most ailments or minor problems. But by way of a suggestion, as several products have instructions for other larger animals, hen sizes have to be worked out- so perhaps a print out to accompany this pack with hen dosages would be helpful. otherwise very pleased.

Everything I need -

Great pack for a beginner - ensures I have everything to hand. Grit bag was broken inside and spilled out but I managed to scoop most of it up... Nice grit though! As always very pleased with omlet service thanks