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Great -

My girls wouldn't eat it when I sprinkled it over their food but now I mix it with their mash the egg shells have improved. Will buy again.

Help for creating good Egg shells - Staffordshire,

Our Birds are laying well, sometimes 2x a day, We hope that this product assists in Shell production

really works -

It really helps harden the shells though I must admit i have used this product before

Eggcellent....(groan!) -

I keep ex-bats and simply added this to my girls' feed and noticed that the incidence of soft-shelled eggs has decreased so it's definitely making a difference. The ex-bat pellets I feed them should contain everything they need but it doesn't hurt to give them a little boost!

Alright -

I brought this product as my girls seem prone to laying the odd soft shelled egg or two. I added it to their mash but I can't really say it has solved the problem. It did seem to make the egg shells smoother but I am still getting the odd soft shelled egg which I am now putting down to the fact they are young.

egg shell improver -

Has made a huge difference to the quality and strength of my exbattery hens eggshells. We were getting a lot of sqaushy eggs and very thin shells. Now much stronger. We have only been using it for a month but will continue to use daily.

Excellent -

My chickens are rescued from an ex battery environment and evn although they had laid eggs for some time now they had started to have an odd one with a softer shell which of course they stood on and broke. There is a great improvement since using the powder and the eggs have become larger too.

Eggshell improver -

Found this beneficial to increase the quality of the eggshell in three year old hens, where either soft shells were being laid or very thin shells that cracked easily. Easy to add to green feed and boost minerals.

excellent -

This does exactly what it says and was not too pricey.

Excellent -

Hens enjoy it mixed in their mash and there seems to be an improvement in the quality of their shells.

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