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Secure chicken run - East Sussex ,

Having lost our last three chickens to foxes the walk in chicken run has given me peace of mind and it looks good though I should have thought of a connection.

Safe and Secure -

I purchased this run for my ducks as I wanted something large enough to put their house in and give them space to waddle about as my old wooden run had fallen apart. This is great because I can stand up making it easier to clean then out and it is very safe and secure. The run took a while to assemble but once we knew what we were doing it was very simple to do.

Walk in chicken run with stable door -

Although it took a few months to arrive and putting it together was a bit of a nightmare (I hate flat pack) this is an absolute Godsend! I can walk in and clean my girls every other day! I love seeing them scratching around and playing in there! They are safe, secure and happy! I did hesitate due to the cost but honestly, this will make things so much easier for you and your chickens.

Excellent product -

WIR is an excellent run - did find the instructions slightly confusing and had to watch a Youtube clip to assemble. Improvements could be that the wire had a smaller hole small birds or rats could easily get through, also it would be handy to have a double door so that you can get stuff in and out of the run easily

Omlet Says: Thanks for your review. You will find a porch on this page: https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/walk_in_chicken_run_porch/24442/walk_in_chicken_run_porch/?rf=5ea9855c547e00bbc9b178877989b1dd Hope this helps


Love it, very high quality overall, fit and finish are perfect

Love this item - Indiana,

Works perfectly for my ducks. I love the double door and the security for my ducks.

Recommended! - Dublin,

I found this to be a very good product. I will be extending it very shortly!

Overall goid -

Whilst all aspects of the run are excellent, the one design flaw it that the poop tray and nesting bars once removed from the Eglu to clean do not fit through the run doors!!! This is very annoying as you have to turn the tray sideways and half of the straw and poop fall off!!! This rather spoils the otherwise great product .

Excellent product -

We brought the run & the eglu cube together and we are very impressed. The run took a fair while to put together but its quality stuff. Easy to get in & out of, tonnes of space for the girls & easy to maintain

Walk in Chicken Run 3x3x2m -

I am thrilled with this run. The clips made it very easy to put together and I feel safe that the foxes cannot get in due to the floor grids on the outside of the run. The locks are also very clever and secure.

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