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Sturdy, simple, reliable enclosure - Florida,

So there are a lot of clips to snap into place for this, but once that was done this thing requires very little maintenance. The mesh is strong - strong enough to hang things that are a few pounds a piece, like feeders and waterers. Attaching tarps for shade and protection from the rain is dead simple and they hold fast. The doors and latches are simple to operate and stay closed when you close them. The skirt around the bottom has been sufficient enough to deter any predators in our neighborhood. The wider spacing of the mesh on the top half of the enclosure means mice and small rats can get into the coop, but other than stealing some food they weren't a menace. We dealt with them with some traps and they haven't come back since, but if the problem persisted it would have been easy to strap some hardware cloth or chicken wire to the outside of the run to make it harder for them to get in. I do recommend installing some concrete blocks under the posts - we found that after about 6 months of the chickens scratching away at the edges of the run the posts started to sag down and kept having to be pushed back up and repack the dirt underneath. With the cinder blocks installed underneath them this problem goes away completely, and it would have been much easier to do before the run was assembled and in place.

Walk in chicken run 3 x 4 x 2 - Bromsgrove ,

Feel so happy to have purchased this walk in chicken run. It is very strong and secure and gives me confidence to let the girls out exploring without the fear of foxes. This has a strong well designed construction which was easy to erect. We did, however, watch the YouTube videos to help us to put it together.

Excellent product -

We have a Siamese kitten who became more adventurous with age. We live near to a busy road and his journeys led him into neighbours gardens (over high fences) where his efforts to return meant the road was the best bet. We decided to improve his life chances and mine through stress we needed an enclosure/run to keep him safe. The Omlet run is well made and easy to construct. The company was efficient and kept us informed of delivery which also arrived as stated. We would recommend without hesitation.

A fantastic run, super secure and strong! -

I received the 2 x 3 x 2 run as a gift and I am very happy with this product! Beyond building your own custom run, there is no better animal run on the market in the UK. This run is absolutely perfect for its purpose. It is incredibly strong and durable. I was so impressed by how it all fitted together when building it. Me and my partner worked on building the run over a few days (weather permitting!) and admittedly we did quite struggle with the ground level part of the run. Niether of us have any DIY skills, and we found the skirt very fiddly, especially the double clips! We ended up soaking the clips in warm water because they were very stiff, but I learnt that just by leaving the clips inside a warm house they weren't so stiff either and easy to clip on. Bar the ground level, the rest was very straight forward and I managed to put the rest up on my own. Unfortunately some parts were missing on the door but omlet responded immediately and had them sent right out which I was very satisfied with. I put the locks on the doors OK but for some reason one of the locks is very stiff and hard to use. Otherwise fine. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is in the sheer difficulty of moving the run from one place to another. With this size and weight of the run you need at least 4 people to help move it and even then its a massive struggle. It twists and contorts and the poles separate if you are not super careful. So if you plan on moving your run around alot onto fresh patches of grass be prepared to call on as many helpers as you can! This is a great product that I recommend highly to anyone looking to keep their pets safe outdoors. It looks great in the garden and gives you so much potential for hanging things from the cealing or adding perches etc. I love it and look forward to extending it too!!

It is strong, protective and built to last. -

We have the large egloo coop with the 6' run combined with the walk-in 9'x9' run. It is strong, protective and built to last. We shopped for months, finally went with Omlet, and four months later we are so glad we did. Thank you!

Very well engineered and manufactured -

Very well engineered and manufactured -- ingenious system. Amazing it stands up so well being held together with loose fitting plastic clips! The powder coating is strong and easy to handle with no sharp edges. I have three engineering degrees, two at the masters level and I'm 81 years old -- in my day I've never seen any thing so well designed, functional and durable. A++ for your product.

Delighted -

Such a great product. I feel confident that my chickens are safe and as close to nature as they can be as pets. Previously I had a coop and separate run and was picking them up to put them out which would stress them out and me. Now they’re happy, and I can sit out watching them with a glass of wine.

Gives chickens much more freedom than the Eglu alone -

I bought in to the Omlet system because my friend has a Mk2 with a 2 metre run which I like. But she has 2 chickens and I wanted to keep 4 so I wanted more room. The 2x2x2 has turned out to add much more than just floor space however. I've put in 2 perches at different heights, and my birds fly around from one to the other. Also the stable doorway makes safe access very easy. I can re-fill water and food by leaning over the bottom stable door. And I can also from outside easily refill feeding trays that I hang from the ceiling. My girls are very happy.

New lease of life -

This is the best thing I have ever bought for my two ragdolls. They absolutely love their Catio.. I have to bribe them to come in at night..We placed it against our patio door, Without adding the Catio door, so they can come in and out of the house as they please..It’s been a fantastic benefit for us humans too during the hot summer..They are very safe and I can leave our door open without worry from escapees or intruders..

Brilliant -

Pleased with finished result smart looking and strong materials.

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