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Excellent - Carolyn,

We have the walk in run with extension and found it easy to put up and really sturdy once put up - our chickens absolutely love it and it is so much easier to clean out as can wheel the wheelbarrow right into the run looks good in the garden too.

Expensive - Kevin,

The run looks good and the chickens like it. However it was expensive, the doors are awkward to open and close and there is no cover available. It's designed to sit on grass but due to its weight cannot be moved and so the base turns to mud in a few days.

Almost perfect - Ash,

I bought this run for my cube. I had read the other reviews so set myself 2 hours aside to complete the build. We found it really easy to build the bottom half of the run, it went up in a matter of minutes. Even the door reinforcement sections which did look quite complicated from the instruction manual. We found the top half however a bit harder to put together, I think mainly due to sore fingers from the cilps at this point. Due to the location we were putting this we put the door panel on the side and the end panel turned inwards instead of outwards so the fox proof skirt was inside the run not outside (putting up against a fence and wall) It was great to be able to do this if space is an issue. Plenty of clips and cable ties. The only observation I have which I think could be improved on this run is with the support poles. You will see that the centre poles go down to the floor but the end poles only go round the roof line and not to the floor. This is fine for the end panel end because you have a lower panel on all sides but we found at the other end where it attachs to your existing cube run it needs more support. We found that the lower panel closest to the existing cube run (no bottom panel) started to bend as it wasnt connected to something sitting in the opposite direction. We ended up using a pole we had from our chicken netting and putting in at this end under the pole that fits to the WIR roof line then cable tieing into place to support this. It worked really well. Therefore I would like to suggest to Omlet that they use a roof to floor pole on this section of their run as they do with the middle section to provide that much needed support to the lower panel that isnt attached to another lower panel. (Not sure this is making sense!) With that one design improvement I would not hesitate to recommend this run. Yes its very expensive and I had to sweet talk the wife but I know I am likely to recoup the majority of this if I had to sell it on second hand. We did find the assembly instructions a bit confusing so gave up as did another reviewee and did the majority of it using common sense.

Excellent WIR option for chicken keepers - Fur,

We had ummed & ahhed about a WIR for our chooks for ages, but didn't want to have a wood framed product , or a product which we'd have to get help to erect (or which couldn't be dissembled and taken with us if we moved!). When we saw the new Omlet WIR this seemed to fit the bill.... and so it has!!!! It took a period of time to erect as it was late summer (about 5 hours total in man hours) and needed 2 of us for fitting the arch poles which stabilise the frame. This included building it with one extension, which we bought at the same time. We have connected it to our cube via the basic cube run and placed the whole structure on 2 foot slabs. The end result has been extremely successful. We're in the process of introducing some new POLs and are using the door section of the cube run to create a separator between the run of the cube & the WIR. This has given us a number of chicken grouping variations in order to help them get used to being together. In addition the cube run door can be opened to let the various groups mingle under supervision (with water pistol handy!). Well done Omlet!! We have been extremely happy with the outcome. Two notes - the packing is a bit lacking so 2 pole parts were missing, but a quick call to Omlet got these to us in express time with no quibble. The other issue is that the instruction sheets print is extremely faint and we did have some difficulty seeing certain details - had to use advanced common sense at these points, which was a bit frustrating.

Worth the expense - Fur,

We looked at various WIRs over the past couple of years, but didn't want wood. Omlet bringing out the WIR has answered our wishes. We bought it with one 1m extension which fits an slabbed area 6x4 2' slabs perfectly. The cube and run sit on 3x3 2' slabs. Needs 2 people ideally and the instruction pictures are VERY faint (which is hopeless if sight impaired). Cube run fitted well. Stable door is very useful

Great Product - Roland,

We lost our chickens to a fox, but with this cage we're completely confident it won't happen again. Really glad thagt you now stock it.

excellent - Farrell,

We have had endless trouble with the fox. We have a very large space for the hens to roam but kept on losing them. We finally decided to enclose them. This run is ideal as we have added it to our extended eglu classic and so provides a reasonable space for them. They are now safe not only from the fox, but also from the buzzards who had been hunting them because of the protection provided by the roof of the run. We thought it was expensive at the time we bought it, but now feel it was well worth the outlay because of the safety.It is of the usual good construction. It did take quite a while to put it together but we got there in the end. It looks good and the hens seem to like it.

Great product but assembly instructions could be improved - Lilley,

The chooks and I love the walk-in run, an I am much happier knowing that they are safe and secure at all times whilst still having plenty of space. I did find the assembly instructions tricky to follow here and there, particularly attaching the walk-in run to the end of the Cube run - in the end we did our own thing and it worked out ok. I would also suggest that although it may be possible to erect on your own, if you have purchased one or more extensions, as we did, it really is a 2-person job if you want to maintain your sanity. Overall an excellent product, very happy with the end result.

Quick and good looking - Jacqui,

It arrived a few days after ordering and took a few hours to construct including 2 extensions. It looks really good, is sturdy and very unobtrusive in the garden. The assembly instructions could be much improved with the addition of some colour in key places.

Love to walk in, but too an age to assemble! - Terry,

Great to be able to walk in. However, the door seems less secure than on a normal runs the shape is not "defined well" by the posts which are not on the corners. Is wobbles and bends before the Cube is attached making it difficult to attached and remove the strains. I felt that corner support posts would have made the whole structure more robust and easier to fit. And SOOOO many clips. BUT! it does do exactly what I wanted and has even allowed some "creativity" as I have a corner roosting bar (a.k.a. broom handle) wedged in (rather popular in the morning it seems) and a platform by the door made from a spare door.

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