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Reviews for Fido Studio Dog Bed 36" - Grey

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Nice neutral-colored bed! -

I have yet to get my puppy, but the quality of the bed seems to be good. My cat has had the opportunity to try it out and gives it paws up!

Great Bed - Suffolk,

Lovely dog bed - Henry my Boxer Dog loves this bed to bits, he seems so content I have ordered another one so I have a spare for the office! Would highly recommend, me and my partner have purchased several Omlet products over the last few years and they are always good quality.

Super soft and comfy -

Our pup loved the bed. Would love to snuggle on it. This lasted for about 2 months- I dont blame the bed, I just blame a very curious puppy. I am sure the result would be the same even if it was made from metal :). All in all, if you have relaxed and calm dog, this would be a very very good bed.

Comfy and excellent fabric -

I’ve purchased this bed part of the crate. The crate is amazing and the bed too, but my puppy doesn’t really enjoyed it because the room slightly too big for him, so we decided to devide the room with a separator make it smaller. So happy that Omlet accept the return for the bed. Now, my puppy really enjoy his bed room. Thanks Omlet UK.