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Reviews for Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket Twin Pack

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It's off to work we go. -

I finally bought these jackets for my hens after a bout of feather pecking left one of them with a persistently bald rump and so, with winter on it's way, relented. The cost is an issue obviously but to Omlet's credit they are well made, don't swamp my little Leghorns and are easy to get on and off. Everyone who sees them thinks they're hilarious and they put a smile on my face every time I spot one of "the crew" mooching about the place. The girls are confused for a minute or two when they first go on and usually try to reverse out of them, into my leg, the food hopper or a wall (shouldn't laugh - can't help it) but by the time I've done the last one and opened the run all is well. I was concerned that they might disrupt they're egg laying but they're all ok with it and so am I.

Beautifully Made -

I was persuaded to buy these for my pampered ladies by a friend who had heard about these on the radio. Not a cheap product but they are soooo well made for the money (as well as cute) - usual excellent Omlet quality. They are a proper hi vis jacket, quilted as well, and if your girls are prone to wondering on the road they would be ideal. Unfortunately my ladies didn't take to them. Enid tried hers on first and immediately went on a "jobsworth power trip", which was hilarious but the other girls seemed to be scared by the jacket and ran off, thus putting an end to Enids' moment of glory. Lucy then tried hers on and all her mates ran off again - scared, prompting Lucy to go into panic mode and run as well. She seemed to scare herself and actually hid in some bushes and refused to come out!. Not wishing to distress the girls further and put them off laying, the jackets have been put away and will come out when poorly hens are moulting. It could just have been the yellow colour they didn't like - maybe I should have gone for the girly pink ones........my ladies can be soooooooo fussy!