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Excellent for Bantam Eggs -

We have bantam hens that lay very small eggs, and normal egg holders were all too big. This is a great egg holder in that the eggs sit really nicely on it, and the fact that it looks really stylish is an added bonus.

Good -

Seems very basic, but really works well and seems to 'run' more freely with our fairly large eggs than they did with the Skelters.

Fab -

Looks good works well, ordering was easy delivery was prompt. I would shop with omelet again and recommend to friends.

Brilliant! -


eggsellent -

Exactly what we so desperately needed. We are no longer confused. It also copes with our chickens different sized eggs

No more hassle -

The eggs are held securely on the ramp; but the best thing is that the eggs are kept in date order. No more hassle trying to make out which is the least fresh.

Very good -

We are very happy with the egg ramp, all size eggs fit on and easily roll down.

better than the green metal one -

I bought this because the green metal one was too big for my little bantam eggs. This is a good product.

Egg Ramp -

Having your own chickens lay their first eggs is very exciting and their beautiful eggs are too precious to hide away, so I was delighted to receive my egg ramp. It arrived quickly and well packed. I love the colour and it is such good quality plastic, that it looks ceramic. The soft silicone coating where the eggs sit ensure they don't get damaged and best of all they are kept in date order.

Perfeggt -

We have pekins, so, various small eggs, works a treat. After filling it a couple of times the trio have gone broody! The very large bought freerangers eggs perch successfully on it too. V pleased and obv the order of use system is great.

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