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Verified Reviews for Chicken Poop Lip Balm

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Wonderful stuff! - Mandy,

Fantastic smelling, fantastic tasting. Keeps lips in superb condition.

My Wife Loves it! - Malcolm,

I was recently given some chicken Poop Lip Balm fas a present. My wife says she loves kissing me when I use it - Needless to say I now use it all the time!

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Lip Blam Chicken Poop - An Omleteer,

Brilliant - made everyone smile and it's a hit down the yard. Always good to have some chicken poop to put on your lips!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2009

Lip Balm Chicken Poop - An Omleteer,

Lovely product, nice smell, great little present for chicken lovers!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

Smells lovely... - An Omleteer,

...but as they are for Xmas presents, I haven't actually tried them!!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

Chicken poop~ lip balm - An Omleteer,

I bought several of these for crimbo prezzies. A wee funny perky little gift as i actually work with chickens for a living. But i kept for one for myself!!! its a lovely aroma with lavender and orange oils and does the job for a lip balm, soft and supple. Delivery was quick and a superb wee gift or even a treat for yourself. Very unique. very funny. I did try to buy from America this lip balm but it would of cost £26 for shipping. so this is just spot on.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2009

Chicken poop lip balm - An Omleteer,

Fantastic name; nice packaging; good smell

Verified Purchase: Oct 2009

Lip Balm - An Omleteer,

My daughter loves this, had great fun showing her friends what she's wearing. She also thinks the product is nice.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

Lip Balm - An Omleteer,

I definately want to buy some for myself and for Xmas pressies. It looks quirky and I love lavender, but can anyone tell me if it is tested on animals?

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

Lip balm - An Omleteer,

Smells good and feels great.Good value for money.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2012

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