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Guinea Pigs love their new home -

Fabulous cage and great service. The guinea pigs love their new home and it is great to know they are safe from our cat. We had problems with the delivery company but Omlet tapped in and were fantastic! Can’t rate the service, cage and company high enough.

Perfect if winter is ok -

We saved up for this hutch as it is very pricey. I am allergic to pretty much all animals but didn't want my girls to grow up without a pet. The vet recommended guinea pigs, unlike bunnies they like to be handled and do not tend to get much wrong with them. This was confirmed by the staff at two zoos and the staff at Chatsworth House. Guinea pigs do not cope with cold/ wet weather so when I came across the Eglu hutch I was delighted for my girls! We could have a furry pet after all! The hutch needs assembling and as an experienced IKEA assembler I did not find it straight forward, think hours rather than minutes. I found the instructions not very clear. The door is rather high for guinea pigs (but probably perfect for rabbits) and I worry this may let in more cold in winter than necessary. Guinea Pigs do not sleep much, 20 minutes a day so I don't think I can close the hutch door as there isn't enough space for them whilst awake. I love how easy it is to clean the hutch. I have invested in a Guineadad cage fleece too so that makes it even easier. Mine do not bother with the hay rack but the included water bottle and bowl are very useful. The run is great and we have put in some pieces of waste pipe which they love. May safe up for some pipe from this company. Not seen any foxes but we have had interested cats who were not able to get at our piggies. We have put artificial grass inside our run. The connector bits from the bottom of the run do not look and feel piggy feet friendly. We brush the mat daily and clean at least weekly, takes minutes.The guinea pigs are not interested in eating the artificial grass. If you are intending to move the hutch from place to place for example on a lawn I would recommend you getting one of the wheely things. We have ours in the same place but we had to move it once and we did not find that straight forward. We bought the pink/ purple colour and it looks really great. It also came with a cover which we leave over the run all day every day as the piggies have the neighbour's pigeons and natural birds of prey and local cats to content with. Having the cover helps them to venture out, they stay in otherwise.I think having something overhead helps them feel safe. The piggies do do some unpleasant things whilst they are on your lab so I would recommend a towel or similar to protect your clothes. We have cheap cooking aprons we wear over our clothes too to avoid bringing in allergens into our home. Whilst we are very happy with the product I will give it 4 stars for now as we have not gone through a Derbyshire winter yet!

Absolutely delighted -

This is my second eglu 1 metre run for my guinea pigs. I think they are great. I can see the guinea pigs really well and they can see me so they have become confident and very tame coming to the door when I appear.Cleaning out is so easy as is moving the run and no maintenance of cause.Also it looks attractive in the garden rather than a wooden run which deteriorates in the weather after a while and look tatty. the indoor accommodation has plenty of room and is warm and cosy in the winter so enabling the guineas to remain in the eglu all year round

Fantastic product = very happy pigs! -

We have two very happy pigs. They love being able to come in and out and having such a spacious run. We sleep easy knowing they are perfectly safe and have their food and water easily accessible. I worried about the cost of this product but can not fault it. Safe, high quality, durable and looks cool! Our pigs Gingernut and Oreo LOVE it and our whippets Oz and Bolt hate it as those piggies are just too safe!

There is no other Hutch better than Eglu -

I purchased 2 hutches about 5 years ago for our 8 guinea pigs. One house for the boys and one for the girls. So easy to clean every week, a safe and watertight home for the gp's. The hutches have been outside continuously in this time and weathered the climate of southern West Australia well. While they appear to be an expensive outlay at the beginning, they do last the test of time. I would never go back to a wooden hutch ever again.

Great cage, needs smaller wire - QLD,

The eglu hutch with 2 metre extension is absolutely huge! My pigs love it, it is very easy to clean and well insulated. It is also well constructed and I am expecting it to last much longer than the timber variety. My only complaint is that it is definitely not snake proof - a python could easily slip between the bars. I have gone over the cage again with a snake proof wire mesh but for the cost I was hoping for better.

The 2m run -

Absolutely brilliant run.. My guinea pigs love their new run they jump and squeak when they say it comming out.. They don't stay in it all the time as they have a hutch already but they have so much fun in it plenty room to run around and have toys in.. And I'm confident to leave them in while I nip out.. As I know they are fine and secure in the run.

Great Quality, durable - Hampshire,

We have a family of foxes in our garden, and this cage has kept them out for years, whilst previous cages only lasted a week befoe they started to bend the mesh etc. Definitely would buy again, easy to clean, room for toys and materials withstand chewing from the piggies.


Super fast delivery. Easy to assemble.

Amazing -

This eglu hutch is brilliant for my piggies keeps them very warm and is very easy to clean as well as the security my daughters love it!!

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