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Amazing -

This eglu hutch is brilliant for my piggies keeps them very warm and is very easy to clean as well as the security my daughters love it!!

Well designed and made for the most part. -

Eglugo hutch with 2m run for 3 guinea pigs. Overall a good product but with some things to be aware of before you part with lots of money. Pros, cons and things to consider: Pros: The 2m run attachment offers lots of exercise space. The swivel entrance door to the run is well thought out, well made and extremely useful. It looks very attractive and sleek. It is easy to clean out. The hutch especially is very sturdy and well fabricated. The end door is large enough to reach in to the run a fair distance. The base wire is reassuring and prevents large predators digging their way in. The sun shade is included and makes the run more comfortable for the guinea pigs. Cons: The hutch itself is smaller than I would have liked for 3 guinea pigs. I have to lock them in at night to keep them safer and warmer and would feel better about this if I knew they had more space. It is very expensive for a guinea pig hutch. I ended up buying and additional door to access parts of the run I couldn't easily reach as well as the heavy duty rain cover. Both of these products were well made however, for the amount of money I paid for the product I would have liked the extra door at least to have been included as part of the original design. The base of the hutch has a ridge ro keep the food bowl in the corner which seems ro me unnecessary and limits configuration options of the hutch. It is larger than needed and makes lining it with newspaper more difficult. Ideally, the base would be flat plastic with a slightly higher lip around the edge to prevent so much hay getting onto the lawn. Although it states on the product description that it is suitable for use all year, with the amount of vents and lack of inbuilt insulation, I will only be using mine for 6-9 months per year depending on the weather. It is too small to keep all 3 guinea pigs solely in the hutch and I wouldn't want the door open in the winter letting the heat out. The hutch itself should be better insulated as standard for the money paid, in my opinion. There is a cavity which you can fill during the assembly process but, for the price, I think it is unreasonable not to provide the insulation when it is advertised for year round use as sold. Things to consider: I don't think this has been originally designed for use by Guinea pigs. The hop up into the hutch is fine for rabbits and chickens but my older guinea pig especially has trouble and needs a little ramp. Also, the interior water bottle seems too high for them to access comfortably but would be fine for rabbits. You might need to take up additional floor space with an extra water bowl. In an already small hutch, every bit of space is needed. It needs cleaning out daily, not every few days as the product description suggests however this is a 5 minute process and very straight forward. The bowl provided is too big for guinea pigs and you will need to use another. Although this hutch and run is the most predator proof I could find, when I asked, the company said it could not guarantee it was rat proof and would require additional mesh to make it so. I have seen footage of rats getting into (another person's) run at night however, in fairness I think this might have been when the run was used for chickens and as such had food scattered. Just something to be aware of. You will need 2 people to lift and move the run. Overall, a study housing option with some well designed features. An expensive option with some design tweaks needed for future interations. My guinea pigs seems very happy.

Guinea pig hutch -

The guinea pig hutch from Omlet is amazing. The piggies are really happy. It's so easy to clean out. I literally say everyday.. I love this hutch!!

Good -

The hutch is sturdy and attractive to look at. Cleaning the hutch each week is made very easy with the removable wipe clean floor. We have two boy guinea pigs. The smaller iglu hutch which we ordered. We have found to small for the competing male ego of our two guinea pigs and they find the hutch when we close them up at night to small for two male guinea pigs to share territory. So I would recommend the larger rabbit sized one if you have two male guinea pigs.

Excellent but needs a few helpful tweaks - Kent,

Happy with this hutch and the run, it’s a great idea and well designed, brilliant for keeping clean and the guinea pigs seem happy running around in it. Few things though for future design consideration: would be so handy having a top access through the cage run just to be able to get access inside, otherwise it’s down on the knees and trying to stretch in and reaching through, would imagine this wouldn’t be possible for everybody. I also personally think the hutch itself could do with being a tad longer, I struggle for space to put their snuggly beds what with them also needing access to the water bottle and hay rack, it’s a bit of a squeeze in there! The weather cover is excellent and a total necessity to keep them protected from the elements. I debated about buying this product for about 2 years due to the price and although I still think it is overpriced there is no denying that it is good quality and sturdy and if looked after will stand the test of time, so overall I, and my piggies, are pretty happy.

Great! - NSW,

I've had this hutch for a little over a year now and its still fantastic! Definitely worth the investment. other hutches we've had have started to show signs of wear by this stage and this is still the same as it was when we got it. Its survived through the floods and hail that we've been hit with no issue and when i had a small problem the customer service team were straight back to me and extremely helpful with a solution. great product and great company.

- Aberdeenshire,

This is a great product, our three piggies seem to be delighted with outdoor life (it's much quieter out there than inside) I managed to put it together on my own so that says something about how easy it is to assemble! The internal hutch is smaller than I had realised which makes it necessary to have the hutch door open at all times so they have enough space (obviously bar cleaning when I close them in the run) . Initially, I thought I would shut them in at night so they would be warmer but that felt cruel due to the internal space. Instead we have added extra hay filled hideys in their run so they have a choice of places to escape the wind. Cleaning is really easy! I like that the plastic doesn't get stained by the urine like wood does. I've given up on sawdust as it is ruining the grass so have switched to fleece liners in the hutch. Something worth considering if you have small children - you may need to take other measures to secure your guinea pigs. I can't let the kids outside on their own anymore incase one makes a poor decision to open a door. The run door can be easily rectified by using a padlock but there is not really a way of securing the turn handle at the back of the hutch (where hay net and bottle are). We didn't think about this until a week after we got the guinea pigs. Overall we are happy with our purchase. The included cover is alright but the heavy duty one is fantastic quality. I am glad we bought it additionally. The bungee are really good quality too.

- Devon ,

Looks good but there are gaps when the back door is closed.

Omlet Says: Hello, Thank you very much for taking the time to review your products. One of our customer service advisors has emailed you in order to resolve the issue with the gaps. I hope this will help. Yours, The Omlet Team

An excellent choice for our guinea pigs plus a suggestion for an insulating material -

We have had our Eglu hutch and 6m run for about a month or so and we are very pleased with it. Assembly wasn't too bad - my 9-year-old daughter and husband did it together in around an hour - the run is extremely versatile in how you can use it and the hutch is well designed and easy to clean. Our guinea pigs seem very content too which is the important thing. The run/hutch are also easy to move around the garden. On minor downside is that the all-weather cover doesn't stop the rain coming in as it obviously isn't all-encompassing so using the current storms in the UK as an example = a run that is very wet around the edges. I have just purchased a second cover to try and mitigate against this. One other point - someone reviewing further down the thread was looking for suggestions for materials to use to insulate the hutch as Omlet no longer provide the insulating pads. I do have a suggestion - I occasionally buy my groceries from an organic/environmentally-friendly farm shop called Eversfield www.eversfieldorganic.co.uk; they deliver your purchases to you using pads of sheeps' wool along with ice packs. I now have several meteres of the sheeps' wool and it looks ideal to use to fill the gaps between the interior/exterior of the hutch and it is a natural and breathable material. So my suggestion would be to either order from Eversfield or try and source the sheeps' wool elsewhere. Eversfield are very good too by the way.

Great product - so much better for humans & piggies so far!! -

So much better than our previous wooden hutches which kept dying - not sure about longer term durablity yet, but this hutch is so much easier to maintain. Much better for the piggies being able to get out in the grass without us picking them up and watching them for safety. Its getting colder and I feel confident this is a much better option for our piggies and for me as it is simpler.

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