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think twice before buying - Nathan,

I bought this a while ago but had to wait until the weather was better for my guinea pigs to move outside once I had allowed them to go outside I noticed numerous flaws 1) the water bottle is horrific and leaks all over the bedding and leaving the bedding drenched 2) the guinea pigs can crawl in the side of the hay feeder and get stuck and after trying to explain these problems to the omlet customer service I got ignored and am still waiting for a resposne
Review for: Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with Accessories - Purple

This reviewer has 2-4 Guinea pigs pets

Omlet Says: Hi Nathan, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. I have looked into the above for you and I can see that one of my colleagues has offered you a replacement water bottle as it sounds like the one you have received is faulty and has also sent an email to our design team asking them to look into your Guinea Pigs getting stuck on the side of the Hay Feeder as this is not something we have heard of before.