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Reviews for Outdoor Guinea Pig Run Extensions

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Great buy -

I love this run, so do my 2 Guinea pigs they can have the freedom of the extra space and I can have piece of mind knowing they are safe, they can’t get out and nothing can get it. My husband put it all together, first by laying it all out making it easier, it took around an hour

love it! -

Always had wooden runs but this is much better. very safe and secure, looks good and is of a high quality. My run is for guinea pigs and it will be great to have their hutch in there, leave it open, and just walk in to see them. I bought the 2 x 2 x 2 but wish i'd bought larger as I want to extend it already, only thing putting me off is unclipping all those clips!!! I put this together myself which wasn't to hard at all but I did it over 2 afternoons as wasn't in a rush for it. Only reason for 4 stars is the rather high price!!!

Outdoor Guinea Pig Run -

Now this is something that my daughter could really use for her guinea pigs. My sister has one just like this for her kids guinea pigs and it really is amazing.

An excellent product -

This is an excellent product, it is high quality, looks great and provides a safe environment for our guinea pigs. The skirting around the edge makes it really secure, so it is also used by our tortoises who are known to be skilled escape artists. It is really nice that you can get inside with the animals. Even as an adult it is quite comfortable to sit inside, although you do have to stoop low to get there. Delivery was easy to arrange for a convenient date. The run took a while to assemble, but there were no problems with putting it together. It is very expensive for a run, but I am pleased to have paid the extra money to have got such a lovely product. The price is the only thing that takes my rating down to 4 stars. I am wondering if the use of simple cable ties, rather than the fancy Omlet clips, could make the product more affordable. I would love to extend the run in the future, but the price puts me off.

Brilliant!! - Norfolk,

I put this together on my own and it took me a few hours (probably would have been easier if I'd waited for my hubby to get home, but I'm very impatient;) The instructions were fairly straight forward and I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be very strong but now it's complete and in place it's solid as a rock. I bought this to house my 9 Guinea Pigs and I moved them in last weekend and they are sooooo happy and they have sooooo much room to run and do what they do! It looks really smart and blends in with the garden better than a large shed would. All in all I'm over the moon with my purchase!