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Work a treat! -

Using an electric battery powered drill makes these simple to use even for those with grip problems. The ability to stow the adapter in the cube cage means it should never get lost if it's out of reach of your chooks!

Verified Purchase: May 2015

So easy! -

Our land isn't flat, not a problem with the Eglu Cube as we don't have a run and free range our chickens, but for the guinea pigs we were a bit worried so purchased these pegs. They are just so easy both to screw in and out. Compared to battling with traditional tent pegs theses are a dream. They even came with an attachment to use with a screwdriver, which will come in handy when the ground bakes hard. 12 was just the right number for our 'Piglu' with extended run. If you are planning on moving your run around these are a must!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2014

They screw! -

Easy to and efficient. Held everything down in recent heavy winds.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2014

They do the job well -

Having my Omlet WIR and tunnels on soft uneven ground, I often resort to bricks to ensure that the skirt is well down. I bought these pegs and they work surprisingly well. My ground is very soft and sandy so I didn't expect them to grip, but somehow they do. I feel a lot more confident that Mr Foxy won't get at my chickens.

Screw pegs -

Really easy to use and secures the run to the ground.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Good delivery and fair prices -

Good delivery and fair prices, but the screws need an inner steel coil as they snap off if the ground is hard. I've bust 6 so fair so getting expensive.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Very useful -

These pegs keep the run safely in place on our far from even garden lawn, avoiding any potential trip risk around the run's ground level mesh

Verified Purchase: May 2013

Great product -

Very useful for holding down Eglu skirting for extra safety.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Very easy to use -

Good, easy to use product. Gives me confidence that my piggies are safe.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2013

Worth the money -

The ground in my garden is a bit uneven but these pegs are fantastic at keeping the run down. They definitely do the job.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2013

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