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Verified Reviews for Carefresh Animal Bedding 10L - White

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Great Product - Jonathan, Maryland,

We use this bedding for our Syrian hamster.

This reviewer has 1 Syrian pets

Carefresh animal bedding1ol white - Buckle, Maryland,

Excellent very pleased with it

Good re odour but I thought it'd be softer? - Sarah, Maryland,

Had to buy a big packet to try it. I prefer it over wood shavings but I think "Clean and Cozy" is softer, though not as readily available in the UK.

Carefresh bedding - Natalie, Maryland,

Excellent for my guinea pigs. Does what it says on the packet. Very pleased with this product :)

Hamster - Denise, Maryland,

Fantastic cage Fantastic bedding

Recommended bedding for your rodents needs. - Nikki, Maryland,

We have this bedding for our hamster, Hammy, since it came along with her cage and accessories since we got her from my mother's friend. We saw how different it is and better affective rather than the wood shaving type of bedding which we were informed is not as safe for rodents, bunnies. You don't get as bad of an odor for a longer amount of time and it causes less health problems for them. I'd say this would be something to recommend which I wish we would've known about when we had guinea pigs as well.