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Reviews for Glitter Exercise Ball for Small Animals

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Kids Love It - Warwickshire,

Kids have had lots of fun and interaction watching their hamster run around the living room in his ball

Good product at fair price, not so glittery though -

This ball is a good size for our syrian hamster and he enjoys pootling around in it. I like the fact that it opens via the small purple section, rather than the one I had a child which twisted into two big halves and was tricky for my small hands to manipulate without big jerky movements that scared my pet. My son (11 yrs) has no trouble opening and closing this easily. Shame it only comes in pink, and the glitter is not very noticeable, don't get excited at that (I suspect it wouldn't be good for the pet if it was more sparkly, in their vision all the time as it moved).

Good product for a good price -

Hamster loves it!

Fab glitter ball! -

My hammy loves this cute glitter ball. It is well made - he has given it a good road test and it stood up to all the crashes and knocks. It's looks great to with the added plus that he can see out of it well. Plus it's a great price.

Gerbils love it, easily broken though -

I would give this 5 stars as the gerbils love it. I bought two and they lasted only two days as both broke after rolling on the floor as they rolled off of a surface (both accidentally and without the gerbils in them)..... Need to potentially come with a 'cut off cone type thing' to store them on so they don't get blown off a surface when you open a door!

Best hamster ball -

Bought a similar ball from a well known pet shop and it was rubbish, a nightmare to put together and wouldn't stay together would have been worried hamster would have escaped. This one is sturdy and he hasn't got out once.

Hammy loves it -

Our young Syrian uses it to explore the whole downstairs area and seems to be really excited every time we offer it to him.

gerbils enjoy the adventure -

Enables gerbils to explore the house and the kids like to build assault courses(flat of course) out of cushions etc. the ball can poo open if gerbils hit sonething hard at speed. tjis hapoened with a crash into the cooker, gerbil esvaped but jumped back in for more fun!!!

Hamster loves running around in the ball. -

Brilliant service, first ball arrived with a crack, I contacted Omlet and they sent out a replacement straight away and I did not have to return the cracked one which for me is a bonus as getting to a post office when I work full time is very difficult. Cannot rate them highly enough. Hamster loves running around in his glitter ball and I know he is safe and cannot nibble any wires etc.