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Reviews for Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

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An excellent product that towers above the rest in quality and price

Great Piece of Furniture - Ohio,

We are so glad that we bought this cage for our Chinese dwarf hamster! It has exceeded our expectations. It is very well thought out and perfect for our needs. It also looks very nice like a piece of furniture instead of an ugly cage. It shipped very quickly also and came sooner than expected. I highly recommend getting the storage underneath. It is very convenient for storing the food.

LOVE!!! -

it looks great with my white furniture

What a great and highly sophisticated product ! -

It is beautiful and neat, but you just realize how good it is when you put your small prince or princess hamster inside. It is like a maisonette for them. They enjoy each part of it. The storage helps a lot, keeping everything that belongs to them at just one place. Cages are like "horses". This is a "Ferrari" your buddy will enjoy every day !!!

Outstanding customer service! -

My main reason for the stars is for Omlet’s customer service which has been outstanding. The cage it’s self is great my hamster loves it and it well worth the money. So easy to clean.

Great luxury home for our hamster -

Our new hamster is delighted with his new home. Duplex style luxury loift conversion! Great cagem easy to assemble and very roibust. The drawer underneath is essential and keeps everything nice and tidy. Awesome!

Great Product! - Tennessee,

It is excellent quality and beautifully designed. Our hamster is very happy in his fabulous new home.

This is a very good cage -

Please buy this cage it’s very good

Lovely house for my rescued mouse!!! -

Straightforward to put together and really attractive; however, the real test is how the inhabitant takes to it and my mouse absolutely loves it, regularly goes up and down the clever tube, playing downstairs and sleeping, eating and drinking upstairs. From my point of view it is also easy to clean so all good and nothing to find fault with!

Very nice cage! -

The tube was a bit large for dwarf hamsters, but once I got my hamster to be comfortable (taking the tube out and holding it at angles that I increased slightly each time and letting him climb up and down it) everything worked out great. The wheel in my case is very quiet. The storage underneath is a bit small, but I tend to have a lot of things for my hamster. My hamster really likes being able to burrow in the lower level while having his food etc in the upper level. I also found it super easy to clean as well. Also the look is sleek. It is a bit dark in the cage part, and I was worried about my hamster’s nocturnal habits getting thrown off by the lack of light. I was able to purchase a small light that is on a timer for the upper level that keeps him on track though.

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