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Reviews for Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

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Great purchase -

We bought this cage for our first hamster and have not been disappointed. The pull out drawer is a great idea and allow us to interact with the hamster safely. We did have a panicked first few days when our hamster hadn’t mastered the tube and had to feed to water on the bottom level. It only took a couple of days for it to master the Tube though. One small downside for us is how open the top layer is. Our hamster likes to fling poos which either collect on the door behind the unit or lay on to of the plastic box ready to fall on the floor when you pull the box out. No big issue but be prepared for tidying up a little mess. You also need to watch what you have in the bottom section. We have a hamster toilet and coconut bed. Our hamster does climb in top of these and tries to escape. We’d love to see extensions for the cage or maybe a hamster playpen. Great cage. We have no regrets and would thoroughly re recommend.

Seems to be dog-proof -

We were gifted a hamster from a family member. We had reservations as our dog is a larger terrier mix (i.e. "rodent hunter") and we were concerned about him hurting the new family member. Despite efforts on our end, sure enough, a door was left open and we found the original hamster cage on the floor with a very scared hamster. After researching online, we found this gem and have not been disappointed. When the dog gets past the door/gate inadvertently, the hamster and cage are fine. It has been a relief. As for cleaning, it is easier than the traditional cages. It was a bit of work to put together but worth it. We have only had a month but will fill it will last.

Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage w/ Storage -

I would definitely recommend this product with storage. The only downfall is the water bottle leaks.

I love love love this hamster cage. -

This hamster cage is lovely. Our hamster loves it and is so snuggly in her huge bed. It's very interactive as you can sit at eye level. The wheel is quiet and it's super easy to clean. It doesn't need cleaning regularly as the draw keeps the smell in. We love it. ❤❤❤❤❤

Excellent cage, happy hammy and owner, as the cage is a piece of furniture rather than an eyesore -

Haven't had a hamster since I was a child, and realised how much hamster accessories and cages had changed. Was really disappointed with the cages available, they weren't cheap but the construction looked really flimsy. I ordered one from a big pet chain and when it arrived the base was like a thin quality cat litter tray, and in fact reading more of the reviews someone said their hamster had bit a hole through the base in one evening. I took to the Internet in the hope I could buy a 'professional' strength hamster cage. My search brought me to Omelet, and I was amazed at how nice the cage looked like a piece of furniture and the quality and strength. I wasn't disappointed, it blends in nicely with our oak furniture and it's really nice and strong. Willow was 8 weeks when we bought her, and didn't do the tube right away, but the basement was nice and deep and room for a nice willow log burrow and food and drink bowls. She now is a little older and has her enrichment toys in the top, and of course her wheel. The cage has really easy access for cleaning, the bottom pulling out and the top front pulling down for full width access, it takes a lot less time to clean than previous cages. And Willow is now trained to come to her front door evenings to run in her playpen and ball.

Great upgrade! -

My daughter had to constantly move her other system around to make room for other items in her room. This is perfect! She loves it and the gerbils love it!

Great hamster home! -

The cage looks great, very modern. My hamster seems to love his new home. Very sturdy and secure!

Good, solid cage -

It takes a good couple of hours to assemble but the hamster loves it.

Excellent piece of furniture/cage! -

Found our gerbils made a huge mess with a traditional cage, and it was tricky to get the gerbils out to play with them. This cage is fantastic as they cannot make as much mess on the floor, it's really easy to get them in and out and it's easy to keep clean. It also looks great! Took a couple of days training to 'teach' the gerbils to climb the vertical tunnel, but once they did it was all good.

Good well made product and looks good with other internal fitting -
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