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Best product on the market - Cheryl,

This is so much better than anything else available for housing gerbils. It's perfect for our two gerbils, lots of space for them to run about and dig. It's an added bonus that it looks like a piece of furniture and matches our IKEA units perfectly. Vey easy to clean out too.

Excellent - Carolyn,

This home is so good, easy to clean and easy to interact with your hamster using the bottom clear box area. It's tube is great within the cage and it all feels safe and secure. Would highly recommend spending a bit more money instead of £40 upwards for a plastic falling to bits cage from a shop. Only problem is our hamster likes his bed upstairs! So all the bedding keeps falling out through bars, a little bit of solid plastic going up the sides of top layer is something omelet should consider? The wheel is big enough for a Syrian hamster and quiet, unlike pet shop bought ones. Looks good too!

I am pleased with it - Jacqueline,

I think the product is an excellent space for a small rodent to live. It was a bit fiddly to put together. Still can be messy - especially if animal decides to wee out of the bars on the top level. However, the plastic base container is great as no mess and easy to access and clean. The wheel isn't too noisy. The top layer could be a bit sturdier as it all fell apart when I tried to wipe it with a cloth.

Really nice but could do with a little bigger storage - Roger,

Really good access to the hamster from the front, children can look into the cage and interact and easily get hold of the hamster via the front door. Hamster got used to it after a few days after a short period of nervousness. Really easy to clean. Would recommend. Only issue for us, was that the instructions were not included in the pack and we had to work it out.

Excellent product - Mumofthreeboys,

Our gerbils (and our 8 year old son) are delighted with their new home. The assistant at the pet shop told us when we showed them a photo of the Qute that we'd be back to buy their similarly priced and nasty plastic one. Not likely. It's sturdy, straightforward to construct, well laid out, easy to clean and looks fab.

Panic buy for escape artist hamster! - Jayne,

After hearing that my grandsons hamster was doing chin ups through bars of existing cage,I had to replace it quickly! Looking at all available hammy cages,I decided this was the safest option.the cage sits safely on the floor,so no climbing to access food bowls and pet.which now has pride of place in sitting room where all can watch Elmo as he goes about his daily life.All very happy with Nanny Jaynes purchase.

Very impressed - Jane,

Instructions are a bit difficult as it comes flat pack, so better with 2 people. But super smart when complete. I find it is good size for Syrian hamster (bit bigger than regular wheel in pet shop). Hamster may need to be first shown the tube tunnel to go up & down. Also very cat proof as we have found out.

Absolutely Beautifully Fantastic - Bobbie,

I am so pleased with this hamster cabinet. It is easy to clean, nice to look at, and Hannah is so happy in her new home. I did have to have an extra set of hands to set it up, but well worth it. And we had fun putting it together. I highly recommend this Hamster Home!

- James,

Brilliant home for a hamster. Well made and looks good.

- Deborah, Wiltshire,

First class product but I expected nothing less from Omlet my chickens live in luxury in their cube and now the hamster (Cookie) has been up-graded to the Ritz of hampster cages easy to put together and easy to use we love it .

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