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Fantastic apartment for gerbils - Liz,

This is truly well thought out. Easy to clean, nice deep digging area, plastic surface for little paws so they don't have to walk on bars, protected water bottle. Easy access to the little critters. Mine took a while to get used to the tube so I put it in the tank section to start with. Once they had explored it thoroughly they soon got the hang of it and now love the 2 story living. Would strongly recommend this over all other options on the market - I have researched a lot and bought a 'holiday' home for when we're away and they go to a pet holiday home which is not a patch on this. Looks like a piece of furniture too.

Excellent product - Elisabeth,

I bought this for my daughter for her hamster, Harrison. She loves it and so does he. it’s stylish and very practical. She is now able to clean the cage on her own due to its clever design.


Best hamster cage EVER! My sister saw mine and ordered one for herself! Its like a piece of furniture very easy to care for! I love this and recommend it to everyone. I run a rescue-and when we place hamsters-I always include this link to see these cages.

A beautiful home for my mice - Clare,

My daughter got fed up with her two mice living in a basic cage in her bedroom so we decided that they should live in the sitting room. The only problem is that we have 3 cats, so I was concerned about the safety of the mice in a room that the cats couldn't be locked out of. I saw the Omlet cage online and realised that it was the solution to my problem. It was quite easy to build and looks beautiful. I was a bit worried that the cats would work out how to open the cage, but so far it is holding up well. There is plenty of room for extra toys etc. and the top can be used like a normal side table. Best of all it is so easy to clean, and I love the way the mice can be isolated in either the top or bottom section when necessary.

New pet home - , East Sussex,

Brought the cage and bed, along with toys gerbils love it, as stated on previous reviews one of our gerbils took few days to work out tube but after some encourgement is up and down no probs. Storage cabinet is great lots of room. Lots of comments about how cool the cage is....

walnut gerbil cage with storage - Benjamin,

I like this product so much I bought a second. I want to give my pets plenty of space to keep occupied and this product does it with a minimal footprint. I have two of these and have a glass Ikea shelf on it's side stacked on top. I have 6 gerbils and I wanted to give them plenty of space.

- Amy,

We love it and so does our hamster Fluffy!

responding to post from Andrew, 14th Oct. 2017 - Lyall,

I was interested in Andrew's post of 14th Oct. 2017. My gerbils were 14 weeks old when I got them. One sussed out the tube very quickly. The other, not at all. After 36 hrs (with no water) I joined ferplast tubes in an oval shape with one piece missing, placed the gerbil inside, put the last piece in so it was completely enclosed then encouraged the gerbil to travel increasing the angle gradually till she was climbing upward with confidence. It took about 15 minutes. Hope this is helpful

Love it! - Andrew,

The only reason I have not given this great product a 5 star rating is because my gerbils were not able to navigate or understand the tube between the two levels. As they have grown however, they are now able to run up the half tube I have positioned at an angle and I am confident that with time they will ‘get it’ and it will be fine. I am a grown up kid who loves fluffy animals and I really wanted gerbils. I have four and they love their home. It is the perfect environment for them and it looks great in my home. Very smart and stylish. I absolutely recommend this product as it is good quality, well priced, it looks great and, most importantly, it provides a safe, comfortable and engaging home environment for small critters.

- Irene,

Good size cage for gerbils

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