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Best pet product I’ve ever bought -

I was sceptical at first about the sturdiness of the cage as it took 2 people to put it together and felt fairly flimsy. But as soon as I had it stood up and everything in it it matched my room decor and the look I was going for as well as allowing my Hamster all the burrowing room she could dream of.

Great gerbil cage although can get messy -

I bought this cage for my son who saved up to buy his own gerbils. We have had hamsters in the past and found the cheaper cages to be rattly and noisy at night. I can confirm that this is not the case with this cage. It’s perfect for his bedroom and the gerbils don’t keep him up at night. It took a while for one of his gerbils to work out how to get up the tube so we had to temporarily supply water at the bottom but after a few weeks he figured it out and now goes happily up and down. Only negative is I notice they can kick out a lot of their food/sand/bedding from the top level making your floor quite messy behind the cage. I would however recommend. Lovely cage.

Great purchase, beautiful piece -

I bought the cage with the extra storage underneath and love it! It fits in nicely with our other furniture and I'm able to place decor on top of the stand, it's adorable! Our gerbils seem to really enjoy their new home which was our first priority. It is definitely worth the price and I would certainly buy again. Thank you.

I am very happy with the cage/cabinet - Kentucky,

Sammy my hamster loves the addition to his cages. It is exactly how it was described and I am very happy with the purchase, the look, and the quality. I did modify it some so I could attach tubes from it to his other areas. He is a bigger Syrian hamster than a lot I have seen and I wanted him to have a lot more room. Now he has 2 hideout areas , 1 on top of a cage and the larger 1 on the bottom of the cabinet. It took him a while before he made the 2nd one his main hideout and stash house but now he loves it and has even moved some of his favorite things down there. I am very happy that he is happy and I also got storage for his food and treats. The wheel is great for him too. They only thing that could make it better is if it connected to another cabinet or even had a place to connect other things to it.

Very happy -

Our new hamster is very happy in his home. Having had hamster homes previously that have been chewed through we think this one will be ver secure. Nice to be able to pull out the bottom bucket to interact with him. Good value too.

Excellent purchase - and great piece of furniture -

We picked our gerbil cage largely due to how we felt it would integrate with the rest of our furniture and are delighted with how it turned out. It was time-consuming to build but not particularly difficult and is exactly what we hoped it would be. Our gerbils seem delighted with their two-storey home while the cupboard underneath provides great storage. Would recommend.

Excellent, though not as easy as said to clean -

Overall, this is an excellent cage. It looks like a piece of quality furniture, unlike the eyesore one I used to have. The bars can withstand chewing, and it comes with sufficient accessories. The storage unit is certainly worth the extra $20, as it keeps stuff in its proper place. However, you need to disassemble the components to clean the cage, which is easier said than done. Also, when cleaning the upper level, be careful not to crack the plastic. Overall, I love this cage.

Hamster Cage with Storage -

I love this hamster home. Fits perfect in my daughter's room, great space, handy storage compartment, and quiet wheel. I love that it doesn't look like a traditional hamster cage. I blends with the room's decor.

Looks great. Plenty of space. -

Fab cage. Easy to build. Easy to open. Looks good and generally stops any sawdust from spoiling out. The ability to keep the hamster in either section to allow cleaning of the other is most useful. Cleaning... Has a few narrow parts that are tricky to clean and if the hamster used the top floor as a toilet it drops down both in and out of the bottom drawer through the bars. Overall we are very happy with it. Don't overfull the base with sawdust else it blocks the tube access!

Happy gerbils -

Cage arrived earlier than chosen date but luckily we were in. Easy to assemble Christmas Eve even after a few celebratory drinks. Easy to clean. Took one no time to work out the tube between levels and the other a couple of weeks. Could be a bit bigger but ideal if you are tight on space! Four stars due to the size.

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