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Reviews for Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

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Perfect Hamster Home -

The Qute hamster cage is just perfect! It's a beautiful addition to my daughter's room & the perfect home for her fancy hamster. It arrived quickly & was easy to put together. Thank you Omlet!!!!

Awesome product! - Virginia,

Looks good, with a excellent amount of space for my hamster. She loves the oversized wheel. I love the easy cleaning if it. Awesome product!

Best habitat! -

My hammy loves his house and so do we. It is extremely easy to clean. We love that the bottom slides out like a drawer. We get little Emmett out every evening and play with him. It couldn’t be easier with the design of this cage.

Great buy - especially for escapologist! -

Our hamster makes Houdini look like an amateur, we have purchased a number of cages for her ( all recommended by the pets stores as suitable for hamsters that escape), she manages to get out of all of them in weeks, eating her way through plastic walls, finding / creating gaps in bars etc. our life was spent alternating between setting humane traps to catch her and searching for cages that were robust AND gave her space to live and play. I can honestly say we and she love this cage - we have had it for 10 weeks now, she can’t get out, she has room to roam and it is easy to clean! It looks good and we can see what she is up to. Just fantastic!

A beautiful hamster mansion -

This is a gorgeous cage and blends in with my son’s birch bedroom furniture. Lots of real estate for our new Syrian hamster to sleep, burrow, excessive. It’s a brilliant, attractive, and sturdy cage. Took an hour to put together - but it wasn’t difficult. The bottom storage draw fits hamster food, but only a small horizontal shavings package. The tube is wide. A full grown fancy or teddybear hamster will have plenty of room. Highly recommend the Qute.

My hamster loves it -

Looks great wasn’t hard to put together and my hamster seems so much happier I got him wee wooden houses for him to hide and chew in the bottom with loads of saw dust to dig and mix with his bedding and he even uses the wheel he didn’t in his old cage xx

Awesome Hamster Cage -

This hamster cage is amazing. Not only does it look sleek and chic (almost like a nightstand/table), but it is completely practical and functional. It is extremely easy to clean, and overall has great features. Would highly recommend!

White Qute gerbil and hamster cage with storage -

its brilliant, my gerbil loves it and I have less mess. Easier to clean. I honestly couldn't be happier with it.

Awesome Cage!!! -

This cage is awesome!! I was worried that it will be too big for my little Honey and she won’t know how to use the tube to go up and down.. But it turns out it is perfect! Almost to good to be true.. Also, Very easy to clean and we had a little bit of trouble putting together, but quickly figured it out.. I recommend to buy this cage it’s awesome ????

Omlet white gerbil cage with storage -

I am so pleased with this purchase. It is sturdy looks stylish and so can be placed anywhere. The two compartments makes it lots of fun for the gerbils to play and the Perspex box at the bottom is great to remove for little ones to play with. Easily assembled and was delivered so quickly which is amazing considering this present climate. Couldn’t be happier would have no hesitation in recommending. Thank you Omlet for a great product and service

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