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Reviews for Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

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Not as good as believed to be -

The cage it self is ok but the new bottom pullout clear tray is an awful design, compared to the old tray which was completely waterproof, the new tray is in five pieces, and is not quick to clean, depending where your hamster goes to the loo urine can run out, it's not quick to clean either, we've gone back to a normal design cage and are selling the qute cage, the wheel is noisey and the top tray is a loose fit so overall not happy.

great cage for the gerbil -

Brilliant sturdy cage, can now have the cats adm gerbil in the same room and not worry they'll knock it over. The gerbil loves the space too. Instructions were a little confusing to start with but got there in the end.

Good but with some design fails - Connecticut,

For the most part i love the cage, however there are 2 issues that i consistently have with it: 1. The water bottle leaks, i will fill it at night, and then next morning it is all gone and dripped into the bottom corner of the cage. I also don't love that its inside the cage, it makes it harder for my 8 year old to be responsible for filling it. 2. The biggest issue is that the bottom clear container is not one solid piece. As a result every time the hamster pees, it goes between the cracks and leaks onto the wooden part of the cage. This also means that i constantly have to take the bottom apart in order to clean it. Can you make some kind of a solid liner for the cage, or even make a base piece that is not made up of components. I would happily buy this piece just to stop taking it apart several times a week. It really is gross to see line and puddles of hamster pee on the bottom ledge of the cage. My hamster insists on pulling all bedding out of the corner it uses as a bathroom, so it just goes into the cracks daily.

Perfect Size - Nebraska,

We got this for our hamster and the size is perfect. He's a big boy and we had a hard time finding a good cage that would be comfortable for him, the tunnel and wheel are a great size for him. The only thing we didn't like is the water bottle, it's small and leaked a lot so we took it out. Other than that we are very happy with our purchase. Wish we could order the toys in the US .

Wooden Hamster cage with storage -

It’s a beautiful piece and it’s lovely with two levels. Plenty of space for our hamster. It took a little persistence to remind him to go up and down the tube to begin with as he’s young but he’s now masters it. The top level is lovely being transparent. However the fittings could be better!

The perfect Hamster Habitat -

I absolutely love this Hamster habitat! We get to enjoy our 2 Russian dwarf Hamsters all day since it blends so well into the decor. I don’t have a single complaint. I’m actually so glad we got this cage that now I’m a big fan of having hamsters as part of our family. The typical pet store rainbow plastic cages would never have been an option for us after finding out about Omlet hamster cage. Its easy to assemble and really is easy to keep clean.

Pros and Cons -

This cage looks lovely and is by far the nicest looking cage on the market. the storage drawer is a great idea too. It makes viewing the pet easy and cage cleaning is simpler and less messy than many other cages. It seems to be very good in terms of animal well being too. However, the clear plastic bottom half of the cage has a flaw inasmuch as it is not sealed at the edges, so when the hamster chooses a corner to wee in (and they usually do choose a corner) the urine leaks out of the bottom. We think we have solved this by running the glue gun round the outside of the corner time will tell if the seal lasts.

Love thecae but the wheel keeps falling off :( -

The cage is beautiful, functional, easy to clean. It really is amazing. But I ordered to of these and the wheel in one of the cage seems to be faulty. About every day or so it comes right off the screw. Wakes my daughter up, lots of noise, seems unsafe for the hamster, etc... I'm a wildlife rehabber and have purchased every cage known to man, all sizes and shapes. I couldn't love this cage more, but the wheel... this one is either faulty or the design needs some work.

Lovely looking, some little issues -

This hamster cabinet looks so good & appears sturdy. Just a couple of points I didn't realize before I purchased :- with it being a cabinet there are only front & rear bars to hang anything on for your fur baby, I have attached mini (no mess) easy remove adhesive hooks on the wood side panels so I can hook up hanging treats. The rear bars could do with a slide in/out Perspex sheet to prevent seeds etc. from being pushed out of the bars. The tube is a great idea twist & locking it up while cleaning the cage, it would have been better at a corner rather than the middle as you cannot place many play toys in the top section. The small water dispenser that came with the cage leaked badly, so I bought another. The wheel that also came with the cage was quite noisy & really wobbled when Dave the hamster used it, my husband used some brute strength to tighten the screw on the wheel, after I mentioned it to Omlet, hoping it wouldn't break, I couldn't send images as they didn't show up well,it still wobbles but isn't as noisy. Will have to purchase another one though. Its a pity the lower pull out box floor wasn't flat, ( it has raised areas so nothing sits level when placed). There are some serrated hooks to keep the pull down front, one of mine doesn't do anything for support it just flops about. Don't get me wrong, this cage is a lovely item, if there was a larger item choice, I would have definitely purchased that. Am I glad I purchased this item, definitely. It still looks good, hamster Dave is happy, I place him in a play pen for small animals with his food & toys just to give him more space to run around while I deep clean his cage. The construction of this cage is good for spot cleaning everyday. Don't let anything I have mentioned put you off, I just think I got the bad one out of a batch. (It happens).

Great home for your little pets -

I bought this for my granddaughter as a Christmas present. She loves it and has asked me to get her another one for her birthday as she has another hamster and cannot house them together. Lots of room for her hamster to move around, easy to clean and a nice piece of furniture. She loves the storage compartment also as it keeps all the supplies handy yet out of sight. A great purchase and I will be ordering another one.

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