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Okay - An Omleteer,

Looks good. Deep bedding area on the bottom. Overall, a nice design. Improvement areas would be larger dimensions available to purchase, tunnel closer to front gate and not in the middle. When cleaning the upper level, it's easy to slide out of place and fall into the bottom section. Added proper tunnels for my pets size. I knew what I was purchasing and had plans before setting up. It's a good product for my needs, but make informed decision before buying this or any other home for your pet. Satisfied with product and so is our pet.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 This reviewer has 1 Robo Dwarf pets

Fab but a nightmare to assemble - Beth,

I love this cage, as yet un- tenanted, it looks like it’s going to be a great little gerbil home! My only gripe is the assembly, 47 steps and a million bits and pieces, I almost gave up and in fact did give up on the door to the storage compartment, we just couldn’t get it to stay in without the rest going awful! The wooden peg joins are a nightmare, 3 of mine snapped!!! I got there eventually but not for the faint hearted!!
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Omlet Says: Hi Beth, Thank you for your review. When reading your message, we understand that you experienced some difficulties in order to assemble your product. We would recommend you to watch our instruction videos here as a complement to the manual. They will show you the assembly step by step, and can be very helpful if you are more of a visual person. Moreover, please don't hesitate to contact us here if you would need any further assistance from one of our Customer Service Team members. Yours, The Omlet Customer Service Team

Nice but small - Harry, Lincolnshire ,

I just recieved this yesterday I got the one with out storage. I give it 3 stars 1 because as I was put it together some of the wood split and I was going so gentle with the screws and 2 it is smaller than expected. I got my new Syrian Hamster a week ago. The reason I chose this cage from the one he is in at the moment is because, he is such a nervous little boy that I thought he would feel so much more comfortable with the lower section where he can burrow and hide. The cage he is in now is just a basic cage. I will try him in his Omlet one and see how he goes. I just worry it is going to be to small for him.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 This reviewer has 1 Syrian Hamster pets

Omlet Says: Hi Harry, Thank you very much for taking the time to write us a review. Your feedback has been passed onto our product design team who will review some possibilities of improvement. Regarding the wood that split at the time of the installation, feel free to send us some pictures at, we would be more than happy to look further into this and find a solution with you. I also would like to bring you some reassurance about the size of the Qute cage. Omlet invests a huge amount in product development work to ensure that our products always do delight both owners and pets. Since we launched the Qute many thousands of hamsters and gerbils have moved into Qutes and enjoy the deep burrowing tray, the upper level with it’s wheel and feeding area and the view out into the rest of the house through the crystal clear front. In addition Omlet recognises that a large part of animal welfare is providing a safe, hygienic home and plenty of enrichment and activity for the pets. This is why we have a professionally researched and written guide on the Omlet website to help owners understand and provide for their pets. You might also find the information on the RSPCA Hamster page useful: I hope that this information will help, we stay at your disposal for any further information. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Service

A bit Small - Carmine,

The gerbils seem to enjoy their new enclosure. They burrow on the bottom nd come up top for wheel and food. Seems like they do all their poop up top as well. We were slightly disappointed as we thought the enclosure would be a bit bigger. It works well like a piece of furniture. Directions were slightly confusing 3/4 of the way through for wire placement.
Review for: Walnut Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Apr 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Too small - Lacy,

It’s a lovely looking cage, but I feel really guilty for my two gerbils stuck in her. Which means, we have to ensure we give them 20-30 minutes each day in their ‘Playpen’ to ensure they get plenty of room to stretch and run around properly.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Gerbils pets

Omlet Says: Hi Lacy, thank you for your review. Please don't worry, I can assure you the cage is big enough for up to 1 hamster or 2 gerbils. Hamsters and gerbils, like other pets, do need time outside of their home. This is why we recommend exercise balls or mazes, half an hour every day or so will keep them happy, healthy and well stimulated so it sounds like you're already doing everything right.

Very small compare to ad video - Ronnie, Iowa,

My hamster couldn’t find a way up or down the tube. I had to remove tube and the floor and creat my own way for hamster to go up and down ! The cage is tiny, compare to ad video. The only thing I like about cage is that there is no mess around it.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 1 Teddy bear pets

Omlet Says: Thanks for your review Ronnie. Sometimes people have issues with their hamsters/gerbils not using the tube straight away but they always get the hang of it in the end. There are a few things that can help to encourage them such as treats, or taking the tube out and playing with your pet in the tube to allow them to get used to it. We can also recommend that the customer tilt the Qute slightly (secure the bottom with books or something heavy so that the cage does not slip) and this will help the pet get used to the tube whilst it is not so vertical.

Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage w/ Storage - Jessica,

I would definitely recommend this product with storage. The only downfall is the water bottle leaks.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

good cage with some significant flaws - Scott, Wisconsin,

I was very happy to find a cage for my kid's gerbils that checked all of the boxes. I wanted it to be safe and functional for the pets, I wanted my kids to be able to help take care of the cage, and i wanted it to look more like a piece of furniture than a standard aquarium. about 2 weeks in and I am certain that two of these criteria have been met while the 3rd was sorely missed. The bottom plastic habitat should not be made of 5 separate pieces of plastic. In 3 days time the gerbils manage to get paper and wood shavings into every single crack and crevice, so much so that it falls onto the floor every time you go to take it out of the cabinet. That means that cleaning the thing requires the entire plastic bin be completely taken apart to clean. After reading the reviews and considering my options I am disappointed in what I received given what I paid.
Review for: Walnut Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

Omlet Says: Dear Scott, Thank you for your review, we value all feedback as this helps us improve our products for the future. I am sorry to hear that you seem to have had issues with your cage, we will pass on your feedback to our product design and quality control teams. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our customer services team who will be happy to help you further. Kindest regards, Omlet

Overall nice product - Frances, Minnesota,

Overall it was a a nice product, however the front cage had a piece that was not strongly welded and the latch is weak. These two things do not make it unusable but do need to get fixed.
Review for: White Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Omlet Says: We are sorry to hear that you encountered some weak spots. Where ever you may find problems with an Omlet products, like this issue, you are always welcome to inform us, and if necessary we will send you replacement!

Not the best for Dwarfs - Melody,

Being a first time hamster keeper, I was so excited to get this cage and my hamster. The cage is really pretty and really well made. After i purchased my dwarf hamster and put him in the cage however, I realized that the tube was way too big for my dwarf hamster. I messaged customer services and they said he would eventually learn how to use it but it took him a really long time. I was so worried at one point that i started making a cardboard ramp to replace the tube. When he eventually did learn, he can go up the tube fine, but every time he tries to go down, he falls down with a thud. It worries me that eventually he will get hurt that way. He definitely won't be able to use it when he gets old. I really wish there's a smaller tube that can fit inside the large tube to make it easier for my dwarf. It would be nice if they had a warning that the tube is not suitable for dwarf hamsters, or offer a smaller tube option.
Review for: Birch Style Qute Gerbil and Hamster Cage with Storage

Verified Purchase: Jun 2019

Omlet Says: Hello Melody, Thank you for your review, I am sorry that your hamster has struggled with the tube so much. We do mention on our website that our Qute cage may not be suitable for a dwarf hamster, if you wish to keep the cage, I would suggest swapping the tube for a ladder? Please be aware that you do have 30 days to return the cage if you wish, and we would issue you a refund. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on and our customer services team will be happy to help. Kind regards, Charlie

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