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Reviews for Qute Hamster & Gerbil Cage

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It is amazing! Very stylish and so easy to clean -

We love the Qute hamster cage. Our Chinese winter white learned how to go up the tube within 2 days. The cage looks great and is very sturdy. The wheel runs smoothly with minimal noise. It is easy to clean and very user friendly for child owner

Very pleased! -

I have used these qute cages in the past so when the opportunity arose for me to buy several new, I did! They have updated the bottom drawer and I found it easy to put together. I find the cages so handy for all of my little fluffy gang, easy to clean, easy to access them for handling, keeps them safe and secure... I love the look of the cage too as it blends in like furniture.

Brilliant gerbil cage - Durham ,

I ordered this cage for my two gerbils and I am really pleased that I did, the cage wasn't too bad to assemble once assembled the cage is a good size the bar spacing is good and narrow enough not to let even young gerbil escape the accessories are good the wheel is big enough for my gerbils to run without hurting their backs and it is almost silent the food bowl has resisted chewing so has the tube. Once the cage was set up one of the gerbils took to using the tube almost straight away the other took about two days it could go up the tube but was unsure about going down, the floor is easy to clean, the box in the bottom holds loads of bedding and allows the gerbils to burrow and dig as much as they want, even with plenty of bedding in they have no problems using the tube. Cleaning the cage is simple and takes no time at all having the drop down front gives good access to the whole of the upper floor, the box is again easy to clean and can be taken apart if need although I haven't had to do that. I am over the moon with the cage and only wish I had found it sooner.

A present for my beloved great niece, -

A present for my beloved great niece, for her first ever hamster. Covid 19 has meant that we have to wait to get a hamster. But it looks fantastic and we are really looking forward to having it inhabited!

Great purchase - Kentucky,

We purchased the cage to provide more room for my son’s hamster and an added level of protection against our cat. I am so pleased with the amount of room it provided. Our hamster is more active and social since moving him into his new home. I love that he feels comfortable and he’s safe from our other pets. This was a great purchase.

Amazing product! -

I love this cage, and my rovoroski dwarf does too. She is safe from the cats, and showing no signs of stress.

We love it! -

This is the nicest looking hamster cage we could find. First impressions were high! It arrived 2 days after ordering and the materials are top-notch! Instructions for assembly are superb. I love the Storage compartment underneath, especially because it raises up the cage to a higher position. My hamster doesn’t use the wheel for some reason. One thing to note is that I’d your hamster poops on the top level some if it will more than likely find its way out of the cage and onto the floor. This isn’ta big enough issue to take away a star but it is annoying. Cage is probably easier to clean than any other out there. I found that if I used the rubber gasket inside the water bottle it had too tight of a seal that water wouldn’t come out. My hamster didn’t have water for a few days because I didn’t realize this. Very happy with my purchase!

Superb quality - Wolverhampton,

I dont leave reviews for anything but this deserves one. For a person that's quite sceptical on spending £99 on a hamster cage this is definatley worth the money. The quality of materials and the instructions are superb. The cage is sturdy practical and compliments the living room nicely so happy I bought this in the end definatley recomend.

Perfect cage ... Worth the money - Minnesota,

This design thought of everything... easy to setup, easy to clean, beautiful and stylish. Perfect.

All good -

My grandson is very happy with it I personally haven’t seen it yet but it looks good in the photo that was ‘mailed’ to me

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