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Reviews for Water Bottle for Hamsters and Gerbils

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water bottle -

water bottle works great

great cage -

Water bottle is better not made of glass for the part the critter drinks from because when kids clean or replace the water they will most likely drop it and it will break Best cage ever. If your critter gets loose just open up the bottom part and leave food on the top make it so he can get in the cage and ours came back

great product works well -

This was a replacement due to an ill fitting lid on a previous one. This one works fine.

replacement -

great product

Hamster Water Bottle -

Lovely size for a hamster xx

Good design -

This is a good design and a good size for a small animal because it makes you check the water more regularly the only problem is that it leaks because there is no ball stopping the water from dripping.

Attractive looking cage -

As per the promotional video, the bottom section is so easy to clean. However, the top section of removing the feeding and exercise compartment is quite difficult. I love the draw underneath, so handy and tidy. Our gerbils kick all the bedding out the back of the cage, so I have to clean up regularly. I would recommend this cage as we have a cat, and there is no way he can get at them.