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Verified Reviews for Hanging Seed Decoration Set of 3 - 15cm

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Lovely looking but no go - Naomi, London,

I bought a few of these various sizes however sadly my chucks wouldn’t entertain them so the visiting garden birds actually ate them instead 2

Seed Decoration - Lynne, London,

these are a fantastic big size, worth every penny. My ex-working girls seemed a little confused with hanging treats at first, but it didn't take them long to figure it out. i wish i had hung them out of the rain as i think they would have lasted longer. 2

Very popular - Sarah, London,

I have used these in two ways, for my smaller bantams crushed it up into blocks on the ground while the bigger girls enjoy it hung from the run where they appear to play what looks like chicken tennis with it. 2

Great - Barbara-Jean, London,

My hens love these! They keep them busy in their run on those mornings when I fancy a lie in and cant let them out in the graden till later on. Good size and last about a week and a half hung up in a run with 3 hens. 2

Very Fast Delivery - Carpenter, London,

Very fast delivery and happy with my purchase. Thank You 2

Hanging seed decorations - Christina, London,

The chickens weren't over impressed with these items, but the rabbits enjoyed nibbling away at them. 2

Slow and satisfying - Jean, London,

Birds and chicks had these for Christmas and they have not yet disappeared. 2

Brilliant treat - Catherine, London,

My girls loved the seed treats, they loved them so much they gave their last one to the girls next door to try! 2

Fragile - handle with care! - Diane, London,

The first one I tried to hang up was the ring shaped one and it broke as I tied the red ribbon supplied to my longer piece of string, so my bantams had that at ground level, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I took extra care hanging up the other 2 shapes and they the hanging up process survived intact, but as you say it didn't take long for them to be devoured! I have tried larger, heavier, stickier versions and these have lasted much longer as anti-boredom devices. 2