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Verified Reviews for Biolink BioDri Absorbent Powder 5kg

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Mite feee - Georgina, Kent,

Perfect easy to apply happy chickens

This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Nice smelling absorbant powder - Debbie, Kent,

Arrived quickly. Smells good snd seems to be doing it's job just fine.

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Excellent - Linda, Kent,

Excellent product, really dries out their poo and keeps feet dry

Biolink Biodri - Amanda, Kent,

After ready many reviews I decided to by a tub. I'm certainly not disappointed with my purchase. Easy work of chicken poo, keeps the coop cleaner too...I would totally recommend this product.

good - Tracey, Kent,

I like this powder, previously I used stalosan but much prefer the biodry. Gets the smells down and sanitzes, winner

Excellent product - Sarah, Kent,

I use this to mix in with the bedding and to scatter round areas which need to be kept fresh and dry like round the feeder and water dispenser. I also sprinkle it onto the floor of the coop before putting new bedding in and it keeps the bottom of the coop dry and odour-free. Great product.

Excellent product - Rachel, Kent,

Excellent product it helps to keep the chicken coop and run dry and clean the chicken droppings are easy to pick up and the bedding lasts a lot longer it also cuts down on the odour. It lasts a long time as well. I would certainly recommend this product to a friend

excellent product - Rachel, Kent,

I am very pleased with this product. My chicken coop is much easier to keep clean and dry and it keeps any smell down too. It also makes the bedding last longer, and it goes a long way. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Works well - Claire, Kent,

Put this down in my chickens run every week and it seems to stop any bad smells. The tub is huge so will last ages.