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Verified Reviews for Easichick Bedding 10kg

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Super bedding! - Claire, Northamptonshire,

Really easy to use, doesn’t blow around, good for egg box and under the perch in the droppings tray of the Eglu Cube.

Less messy than straw - David, Northamptonshire,

Ideal bedding material

Great Bedding! - Claire, Northamptonshire,

Use this for my nesting boxes, helps reduce soiling of the eggs as well as providing a softer environment that retains heat and comfort!

Less messy than straw - David, Northamptonshire,

The product is despatched quickly and is ideal material for the hens to lay eggs upon. It is generally easier than straw to maintain.

Great bedding - Lauren, Northamptonshire,

Very happy with easichick bedding. Comfortable but not as dusty as wood shavings, and it's recycled so all the better!

Excellent product - Clare, Northamptonshire,

We use this for our 2 hens in their Eglu Go and it's great - it truly doesn't blow around (great in windy autumn & winter) and there's no dust. It also has a warm, soft feeling despite looking quite rough. And a bale lasts ages. We used to use Aubiose (which is good too) but we prefer Easichick. Highly recommend.

Simply the best - Wray, Northamptonshire,

Used Easichick in one of my droppings tray and Auboise in the other, both were very good but Easichick lasted longer and easier to poop pick not blowing about in the wind. I've also used it in my covered run and it's excellent, much easier and cleaner to maintain, gets a bit wet around the edge were the rain runs down the side of the cover but stays loose and drys out quick. Smells great and really drys the poop out so no smells, chickens love scratching around in it which helps to mix it over, I only need to poop pick in run once a week if that and it looks like new. Great stuff !

Very good - Katie, Northamptonshire,

Hardly any dust, easy to use, doesn't blow around. Seems very economical, the chicken droppings can easily be removed and lots of clean bedding still left behind. I'm emptying the eglu tray of droppings daily but one fill of this bedding lasts all week. This bag is going to last months.

very good product - Jean, Northamptonshire,

I have always used this for bedding, it is by far the best for my chickens, though I do top up with a little straw in cold weather.

Excellent product - Helen, Northamptonshire,

This bedding is really excellent and Omlet offer this at a really good price. It arrived well packaged and I wouldn't you anything else now

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