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Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

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Feed - Robert,

Yes they seem to like this.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2013

Dustier each batch receive - Amanda, Derbyshire,

My chickens are addicted having tried other feeds seem to have to come back to this one. I am finding however I agree with another reviewer that this is getting very dusty each batch I order. Which is such a shame.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2016

Dusty - Jerry, Dorset,

This feed seems to be getting more and more dusty, which is a shame - feel very tempted one day to sieve out and weight the dust - there seems to be awful lot of it!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2017

Expensive - O'donoghue,

This product is great but expensive.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

Too early to tell if works - Sue,

One of my Hens started to lay shell-less eggs, and would not eat grit. So I thought this feed would address the problem. The girls eat the feed but have now stopped laying, and they are only two years old. Not sure what is going on!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Omlet Chicken feed - An Omleteer,

The food is fine - my chicks love it, but the packaging was really bashed about and when I opened the box the bag inside was split and I lost loads on the floor and had to find something else to put the food in which was rather annoying.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

good feed but disappointing delivery - An Omleteer,

Chickens seem to relish this feed, however it is quite expensive and item arrived in reletively poor condition (battered box and tear in feed sack - which ment i lost quite a bit to the hoover...)

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011