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Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

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Organic omlet feed - An Omleteer,

What can I say, but it is great. My chickens love this, the only problem is they cant seem to get enough of it.

Amazing! - An Omleteer,

The girls absolutely love this feed. With hindsight I see they were not at all keen on the layers pellets mash. We still mix in a handful of organic mixed corn, crushed oyster shell bokashi, and sprinkling of garlic and they eat up every last bit. Since moving over to this mixture we've gone from 3 eggs to 5 eggs a day and the girls are very happy.

Seems to go down very well! - An Omleteer,

I had been feeding my ex-batts on layers pellets which they didn't seem too excited about. When I started feeding the Omlet crumbs the consumption doubled! My new ex-batts also really liked the crumbs and quickly moved from layers mash to the Omlet food. They have really improved condition while I've been feeding this.

Chicken feed - An Omleteer,

Our Chucks love this food and quite simply turn their beaks up at any other product

Organic Chicken Feed - An Omleteer,

The girls seem to love it and we're happy because it's organic.

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed - An Omleteer,

I ordered this feed for the first time last month and my four chickens have been on it ever since. They took to it straight away, and loved it. I've definitely noticed an increase of eggs too, i was getting 3 on a good day, 2 regularly and some days none at all before i started feeding them this. Now i get four a day as standard and last week i even got 6!!! Really pleased over all with the product and they come in handy 10kg bags so they are easier for me to carry out the garden and store.

Organic Omlet feed - An Omleteer,

It does everything it says on the tin!! My hens love it and I dont have to add anything as its all in they are laying fab eggs! Will continue to purchase. Thank you.

Pellets - An Omleteer,

The hens love it so much that although we had bought some other organic pellets they pick out your food to eat, leaving the other.

organic omlet chicken feed - An Omleteer,

Our chickens had no problem changing from layers pellets to this and their shells seem stronger after only 3 days.

Fab ! - An Omleteer,

My Girls absolutely love this - because its smaller ( like little nuggets) than their previous organic pellets they seem to manage to eat it easier and there seems to be less waste - or it could be they love it more than the other. I have noticed that the egg production has increased and the eggs are great! the girls also seem more satisfied - they are not pecking at my toes so much ! Really would recommend it.

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