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Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

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Useful but perhaps not all needed - Julia,

New to chicken keeping I bought this as I wasn't entirely sure what would be useful and what would not. There is a doubling up of cleaning products which I don't think I really need especially with the Eglu Go. The most appropriate cleaner is the easy to use spray and a larger size of that rather than a variety of cleaning products would be better. Other items are useful and in use or on standby should the need arise.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

very good - Liz,

my bantams prefer this feed to pellets. I think the size and texture suits them better.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Very good - Lisa,

Our girls seem to like this feed, although I haven't anything to compare it to. We have fed our Gingernut Ranger & Miss Pepperpot with this feed from day one.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2016

Chickens like it! - Steve,

Our chickens seem to prefer it to the usual layers pellets that we give them.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

Exactly as it looks in the picture - Sue,

I went for the Omlet due to having a small garden and the ease of cleaning of the product. When it was put together, with the help of my 19yr old son - found the hinges that attach to the front of the Eglu a bit tricky to fit - with the screws - but think we got there in the end. Love the look of it in my garden, it is easy to clean and my new chickens seem to like it. It was delivered within two days of ordering, just one screw was missing it's head, so I found one similar in my husbands tool box which seemed to fit. Also, the customer service lady who I called after I placed the order very early the following morning, was most helpful when I found the offer for the free $50 start up box which wasn't visible when I pressed the 'order now' button, I only saw it when looking back at the website at special offers. She very kindly added it to my order and it was delivered the following day after my Omlet - just in time before my new girls arrived. Very pleased with my purchase.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

The girls love it - Lucy, Cambridgeshire,

My hens love this, I like the fact it's crumbs and got everything in it. The only issue is I feel It's a little expensive and you don't do larger bags, other wise it would be full marks.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

Good quality chicken food - Sharon,

My hens will eat this but not any other type of pellet type food. The pieces are smaller and easier to eat.

Verified Purchase: May 2015

very good quality rich 27 feb 13 - Richard,

My chickens just love this food

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

An excellent product for both pullets and hens. - Wendy,

I bought this product after spending many months searching for a feed that was neither pellets or mash. This is exactly what I was looking for and suits both hens and pullets. Although my "girls" are free range I enjoy knowing that everything they need is provided by Omlet's Organic Chicken Feed.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2019

fabulous food :) but a bit pricey - Allison,

This is a great hen food & I really like the crumb. Mash blows about and my ladies don't like pellets but they wolf this down. Incredibly they also seem to be laying more often & egg shell quality is first class. Can't fault this feed in anyway. It is however a bit pricey for me but for the moment at least it seems worth it. :)

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