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Such a small amount! - Sue,

Thought these bags would be bigger for £4.50 each. Not enough for my 8 chickens! Very over priced! Won't buy them again. <p/> <i>We were disappointed to hear that you were not satisfied with this product. The 1.25KG bag is only a supplementary product to aid the chicken in producing stronger egg shells, the chicken should receive all necessary nutrients from the chicken feed it eats on a daily basis, therefore only a small amount is needed per chicken as and when required. Regards Omlet</i>

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Grit - An Omleteer,

I'm afraid this is too big for my hens and it is always evident in the bottom of their feeder. I think it needs to be much smaller.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

Mixed Chicken Grit - An Omleteer,

Sorry, not that impressed here... There seems to be a lot of general grit & small stone chips that the girls are already finding as they scratch around.... I've been advised to give them crushed baked egg shells for extra calcium...

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