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Reviews for Omlet Mixed Chicken Grit 1.25KG Bag

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Does What It Says On The Tin -

My girls love it, I use two bags at a time to half fill the large container I use and it lasts quite a while. You can see various mixed grit including oyster shell, it looks a good fair mix.

great -

lovely stuff chooks love it

Girls love this grit! -

I have this grit permanently set up in girls pen. They nibble at it most days - the eggs that I have from them have fantastic shells.

Simples -

Seems to be taken when needed and does the job.

Perfect -

Difficult to get too excited over grit!! However, this grit really is lovely. It is like a miniature beach in a bag!!

Happy Hens -

Value for money, I have happy HENS great grit

Great product if needed -

Seems good although the chickens don't seem to use it much.

Great help for my Hens digestive system. -

Fed to my Hens once a month to help with their digestive systems seems to be helping.

Very pleased -

I put a handful of grit every 4 -7days scattered with the layers pellets. My chickens seem to like it because it disappears.

chickens love it -

The grit I usually get is much smaller than this but my chickens love this one.

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