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Reviews for Omlet Mixed Chicken Grit 1.25KG Bag

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Mixed Chicken Grit -

The chickens seemed to enjoy this.

true grit -

Another handy product. mainly I saw sea shells on the chicken run floor. Again very delicious, but I may go to the beach and get my next load of shells.

Very happy -

This product is very good our chickens are accepting the grit and great improvement to their egg production. Thanks

Hard shells produced -

An excellent product. I sprinkle some on the bark chippings in the walk in run first thing in the morning before I let the chickens out. They started to lay a few weeks ago, and the shells are really hard. Thanks Omlet!

Good Clean Grit -

Came quite quickly considering where I live. Mixed it in with their other food and the girls seem to be eating it well. Shells good and strong. A good suppliment to the food they forage over a large area.

good product -

Chickens roam freely around the garden but still go back to a small bowl of grit occasionally. Nice sized pieces.

Good -

I am not sure if some of the pieces in the grit are a little on the big side for the hens. Very good service from Omlet - as always!

Chickens show no interest -

My girls won't touch it. I have tried mixing it with food and in a bowl on its own but they just won't touch it, they are normally very unfussy so disappointing.

Good quality -

Compared with other grit I have used this seems a much better product with larger pieces of grit. Unfortunately, as with other types I've tried, my hens don't eat it. I've mixed it with their pellets and it is just left in the bottom of the feeder and I'm currently leaving it in a seperate feeder but they still don't seem to be trying it. I have only been using it for approx one month however, so I will persevere with it.

Essential basic dietary need. -

quality grit.

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