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Verified Reviews for Omlet Organic Mixed Corn - 10kg

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mmmm - Tara,

The girls loved this & love scratching around for it for hours!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011

A welcome daily treat - Peter,

The three girls love it!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2012

Organic Omlet Mixed Corn - Pamela,

Our 4 ex battery girls loved it, we give it to them as a treat in afternoon.

my hens love it - Carole,

well impressed

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

Not madly enthusiastic - Judi,

I think my chicks are just a bit contrary, they don't really seem to love anything they are supposed to! They do enjoy a little bit of this corn hand-fed in the afternoons but soon get bored of it when sprinkled on the ground. Not typical though, I believe.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

Helps our hens produce Golden Yokes - Marilyn,

We have fed our chickens on this product as a treat at the end of each day. It's all pecked up!

Verified Purchase: May 2018

Tasty afternoon tea! - Soni,

Good quality product - my gals enjoy a tasty smackerel of this in the afternoon - no complaints so far!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

The product itself is great - Tina,

The chickens I have at the moment were field reared. They are not as keen on the product. However my previous chickens loved it

Fantastic - Mary,

My girls love their afternnon treat. Always gobbled up so quickly the birds in the air don't get a chance!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

No complaints from "the girls". - Brenda,

No complaints from "the girls".

Verified Purchase: May 2020

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