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chickens love this feed -

I have changed my chickens over to this feed and they love it. They eat more feed than they used to!! but that way I know they are getting plenty of the right ingredients. Bag size is also very good for back garden chickens and thus maximum vitamin content maintained during use What a pity though it is not available through local suppliers as the delivery is a high proportion of cost.

Verified Purchase: May 2016

Wonderful for ex-commercials -

Fantastic for my ex-commercial chickens that no longer wish to be an egg machine and just enjoy their retirement. The only non-laying food I can find on the web. They are in fantastic condition and this food may be more expensive than laying diets but it's worth every penny the keep my girls healthy and happy and living as long as they can.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Great product -

After much deliberation I thought I would try this food & I will be ordering again. It provides our girls with everything they need & they love it.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2017

A good quality chicken feed -

I have had this feed before for my hens and they laid really well I now have some different hens and started them on a feed bought local, but they just weren't laying the eggs. Got them going on the Omlet feed and their egg laying is improving already.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

Excellent -

The chickens really enjoy the food

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Arrived promptly -

Feed arrived promptly and at convenient time to be home, chickens are enjoying it

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Good stuff -

Chickens seem to like it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

Excellent but expensive -

I would give this a 5 star were it not for the initial cost of this plus having to pay a huge delivery on top. That said, my girls love this feed and I'm sure they would turn their beaks up at anything else now. It did notice after a couple of months of eating this their plumage improved and they eat more of this than they did the stuff I got from the feed merchant. I still mix this with some Poultry Spice just to make sure they get plenty of nutrition as one of my hens used to lay weak eggs - rarely nowadays. About time Omlet got together with retailers to bring the cost down as I think if it were generally available without a delivery charge more people would buy.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2012

They just LOVE it!! -

I resisted buying this for a while... mainly because the delivery makes it a bit of a premium product. I knew it was a mistake! I got some other food, which the girls pecked at very reluctantly... and I just gave in... and how happy my girls are now!! They just love it..and actually so do I. It smells nice..and mixes in a nice mash..and my girls are happy chicks!!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Don't ever go away!! -

My girls started off eating the Omlet Organic Chicken Feed but when it ran out, I tried other top brand pellet food and they did eat it but left a lot. Every few days I was topping up the bird table instead of the hen house as the food was going stale. Therefore, when the food ran out, I changed back to the Omlet feed. The girls were literally skipping around the run when they saw the new food. They eat every crumb. There is never any waste. It may work out a little dearer to start with but I save a lot of money in the long run as every crumb goes to my girls instead of the pigeons!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2014

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