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Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg and Mixed Corn 10kg

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good food everything in! -

good to have the two packs in bags I can actually lift and know that it is good quality food with everything our hens need - thank you - prompt service

Great combination! -

Have purchased the crumble before but this order included mixed corn as well. My bantams love both these products. I put the crumble feeder out on the allotment when they free range and they will keep going back for more. The corn is their afternoon treat. They wait patiently at the shed door while I get it out of the bin. Best I have found in both products in 12 years. It is expensive though when carriage costs are taken into account.

Love the feed! -

I've found mash is dusty and pellets to big, so I was so pleased to open the bag and find a feed that is in between. My girls are absolutely loving it and knowing that it is organic and GM free is brilliant. At the end of the day you are what you eat!

Eggcellent Feed -

Really happy I decided to try this feed, the chickens go wild when feeding time comes. The eggs I am receiving from the hens are so much more tasty now they are on this feed & the bright yellowing of the yoke is astounding. I highly recommend both types of feed. I Love Omlet almost as much as my hens do 10/10 customer service too.

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10Kg -

This feed has made my hens eggs the best they have ever been, gloriously yellow too! May be a tad pricier but so worth it.

Fantastic product. My girls love it. -

Fantastic product, my girls love it.

Yum, yum -

The girls love this product. Would be better if Omlet sold this in bulk as I need about 5kg at a time.

Chickens like it!! -

My chickens like this product so I'll be ordering more feed and will be giving it too them permanently.

Chickens love it! -

Reviewed this before, but it is a very good deal and my chickens love the mix!

Not great -

No where near as good as the original organic feed sold 6/7 years ago and the bags are half the size.

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