Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg and Mixed Corn 10kg

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Not great - Paul,

No where near as good as the original organic feed sold 6/7 years ago and the bags are half the size.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

great - Michael,

the chickens love it and it was delivered as per my instructions

Verified Purchase: Feb 2016

Coco loves it - Lesley,

This is a great well balanced food

Verified Purchase: Feb 2014

Happy Hens - John, Herts,

We put our chickens on the omlet feed and corn mix and we have seen such a difference in them, their eggs are amazing and the yolk has changed to a dark yellow, very happy hens :)

Verified Purchase: Dec 2012

Happy Hens - Charlotte,

My two new girls are loving the feed and especially the corn - rushing about to find it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2012

Review chicken feed and mixed corn - Caroline,

Hello ... thankyou. My chickens go mad for this food! They look really healthy too.

Verified Purchase: May 2012

Organic chicken feed - Robert,

Whilst the chickens love the food I find that there is too much fine particles that they want eat so gets thrown away each day which is wasteful and expensive. Haven't started mixed corn yet hopefully should be better.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

Excellent feed and service - Sharon,

My girls who are fussy love this food, the food is a bit more expensive as you have to order it in, but it is quick delivery and well worth it.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2011

They love it - Brodie,

Our 4 girls really do enjoy this as an addition to whatever worms, slugs, frogs and greenery they can get their hungry little beaks on.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

Good, but feed is dusty - John,

The organic feed - the girls seem to love it - lasts a good while despite that - one bag lasted 4 hens 1 month with me. Only downside as others have mentioned is the quantity of the feed that turns to dust in the bag and in the grub box, and at that point they don't seem so interested. I am going to try reconstituting with a little oil or adding to the mash i occasionally make for them. The corn is good for an afternoon handful.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

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