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Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg and Mixed Corn 10kg

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Good, but feed is dusty - John,

The organic feed - the girls seem to love it - lasts a good while despite that - one bag lasted 4 hens 1 month with me. Only downside as others have mentioned is the quantity of the feed that turns to dust in the bag and in the grub box, and at that point they don't seem so interested. I am going to try reconstituting with a little oil or adding to the mash i occasionally make for them. The corn is good for an afternoon handful.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

Feed and Corn - Marian,

Chickens won't eat mass produced layers pellets, but they like the Omlet feed. Unfortunately can';t say the same about the corn. It's definately good quality though.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Orders - David,

Although my chickens love your products, and they are very good quality my only complaint is that the majority of the feed bags and bedding bags comes ripped, so when the delivery man is carrying it to my house I can see feed/bedding leaking from the bags and they cannot be stored properly, they have to be transfered to containers. I am sure when they leave you there are intact but they are not when they arrive. Thats my only gripe, I rate your prodcuts are excellent except for your carrier

enjoyed by all ! - Margaret,

The chooks get through lots of the feed and lay good eggs so it must suit them.They love their afternoon corn treat!!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Great Value! - Leonie,

Great value!! Will be ordering again!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

great product - Emma,

daisy snowy and carrot love the food. Slightly dissappointed in the corn as it expires sooner than the bag we received a month ago.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2018

best chicken feed i ever purchased - Carol,

this chicken feed keeps my chickens healthy and happy. it is chunkier than layers mash but a lot finer than pellets. the chickens take longer to eat their daily ration so there seems to be less pecking at each other. they must love the taste as they finished the bag in super quick time ! delivered very quickly and works out cheaper than top quality feed i can buy locally. top rating and i have already purchased my second bag!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2012

Our girls love the feed - Anne,

Not so keen on the corn though?!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

Great food!! - Rebecca,

Our hens love this food, the feed is tasty and a nice crumbly texture, and they never leave any. We've never had to waste any of this product. Same with the corn, the hens have a small handful each in the afternoons during free time and it makes their egg yolks a beautiful deep yellow colour!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013

Feed and mixed corn - Sue,

Great products - don't think chicken feed is as clean as pellets but good - mixed corn chickens love it.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2012

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