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Organic layers pellets - Claudia, Somerset,

The grains are very small more like chick crumb and as suggested I mixed it with the old layers pellets until the chickens got used to it but I’m mixing it with an entire 20 kilo bag of the previous mix so there’s a long way to go before I can be sure that they like it.
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack

This reviewer has 2-4 Hybrid hens pets

I’m usually delighted with this product but… - Sue, Somerset,

I have been keeping hens for over 10 years and have always fed them Omlet organic pellets with Omlet grit and a little Omlet corn in the afternoons, plus small treats of sunflower seeds etc. I have never had any problems until now. Two of my three 18month old chickens are laying soft shelled/shell less eggs. Help please! Has the formula changed?
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack

This reviewer has 2-4 Light Suffolk, Daisy pets

Omlet Says: Hi Sue, Thank you for your message. Usually, this phenomenon could indicate a lack of calcium. You could try to feed them mixed grit, or to try the following: take some shells from boiled eggs, cook them again to clean them, and then grind them. Add that to the food. The chickens should then get the extra calcium needed. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone for any further advice. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

Corm is great but organic feed not so good - Annabel, Devon,

I bought this on a free delivery offer with £2 off the price of each 10kg bag but even with the reduction it was twice the price if my usual Smallholder layers pellets and the feed is a crumb that in part is so fine that I ended up with a load of dust in the feeder which just had to be thrown away. Poor value but the feed however the mixed corn is fantastic and the hens love it. If I could have rated them separately the corn would get 5 stars.
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg and Mixed Corn 10kg

This reviewer has 8-10 Bantams pets

Superfoods Chicken Treat 600g - Gilly, Streatham,

I love the idea of this. Unfortunately my chickens leave it in the dish. But I will persevere by adding just a little at a time to other treats until they get used to it and hopefully like it.
Review for: Natures Grub Fruit & Berry Superfoods Chicken Treat 600g

Not so keen on this one. - Rosalind, Streatham,

Lots of pellets and not many berries. They prefer herb one (bantams)
Review for: Natures Grub Fruit & Berry Superfoods Chicken Treat 600g

Herbal wormer - Heidi, Wa,

The wormer is in Tiny pellet form. Looks easily eaten. Unfortunately our hens don’t care for the smell. They shake their heads and walk away. We tried putting them in minimarshmellows. They eat around it. I haven’t been able to hide it in something where they will eat it and not find it. I personally like the smell of the herbs. I think we just have oddball hens. I will be giving some to friends to see if their flocks eat it since mine are picky chickys!
Review for: Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

Chickens love it but lot of powder/dust - Lisa, Somerset,

Our chickens really enjoy this food but I have noticed recently that there is a lot of dust/powder in the bags which is a little disappointing. Good product though and will continue to use.
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack

Feed - Robert, Wrexham,

Yes they seem to like this.
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

But do they work? - Pete, Wa,

My hens like these, but maybe just because they add a nice green speckle to the bland uniform grey/brown Omlet food (mine are grass lovers!). It remains to be seen if they work, but so far, so good.
Review for: Verm-X Herbal Pellets for Chickens 250g

Everything they need? - Pete, Somerset,

I know this feed contains 'everything needed' by the chickens for nutrition and digestion, which is convenient for the keepers perhaps, but, it looks like gritty grey concrete mix! My girls will eat it, but not enthusiastically, more as a last resort if there is nothing else, even if I mix some Garvo special corn mix and Bokashi in with it! Anyone who has seen their chickens go nuts to get worms, good corn mixes, pasta, rice, fruit etc will know that chickens DO care about what they eat and like to enjoy their food as much as we do. Organic or not, we eat to enjoy, and so do our hens! Wish the feed manufacturers would appreciate this not just costs and profits. Have read that hens respond better to this if mixed with water, so will try that.
Review for: Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack

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