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Verified Reviews for Carefresh Animal Bedding 14L - Natural

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Good stuff - Alison, Shrops,

Very absorbent and plain without any dyed stuff. Hammy likes it. 2

This reviewer has 1 Syrian hamster pets

Great - Alan, Shrops,

A really good product 2

Excellent - Karen, Shrops,

Great product - the gerbils like it and it keeps their home smelling fresh. 2

comfy - Pauline, Shrops,

This bedding looks comfortable and seems to stay fresh for longer, does a good job. 2

Good product - Polar finds it comfy! - Griggs, Shrops,

Hamster prefers it to wood shavings and as a mix, he prefers to sleep in this cardboard flake bedding - soaks up well and warm! 2

Great! - Brian, Shrops,

This bedding is a little more expensive than wood shavings etc but our hamster loves it, its cleaner, warmer and lasts longer too. Also when cleaning out its MUCH less messy. Great product. 2