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Absorbs smells and urine better than paper bedding! - Rin, London,

I started using this a month ago and I’ve used about half so far so I’d say one bag will last me 2 months (spot cleaning once a day, full changeover once a week). I’m going to try composting it though because too many rabbit litter bags are piling up in the black bin. I could probably go longer without spot cleaning and save on throwing so much of it out but I like a clean litter box! I like that this is safe to eat in small quantities unlike paper bedding or cat litter, and although similar in texture to sawdust doesn’t give breathing problems since it’s dust free. Just wish I could save more on waste.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Auboiose Bedding - Alexandra,

I bought this a month or two back as a new hay to try for my quail. It's good and light and not prickly like the usual straw I can buy, but I still add some soft hay to their nesting boxes.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 This reviewer has 8-10 Quail pets

Fabulous - Alison,

The best bedding we have used. Highly absorbent and there is no smell. Makes cleaning an absolute doddle!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Aubiose - great product and my recommended and go-to substrate. - Lesley,

Aubiose is a trusted product which is easy to use, absorbent and helps keep any 'smell' from the creatures it is used as substrate for, to a minimum. It's certainly my preferred substrate and a bale of it makes economic sense as it sees me through many cage clean-outs.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Brilliant for Rats! - Heather,

This bale will last for so long and amazing value. Brilliant customer service. Delivery a bit long but fully understandable considering the current pandemic, in fact my order arrived well before I expected so many thanks! Will definitely be buying again.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

- Jacqeline,

I bought this aubiose bedding to use for my ducks, I was using sawdust but this is so much easier to clean. It doesnt need replaced everyday it can be poop picked and just topped up each day. When I finish using the sawdust I have for my rabbits I will be using this for them. Fast delivery and hassle free.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great bedding - Rosie, Surrey,

Really absorbing compared to other bedding, find I use a lot less compared to the previous paper base bedding that I previously had.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Aubiose Bedding - Phillip,

I will be Definitely be using this again as I find it safe enough to use for my 2 hamster cages and If you have any problems with any thing the support team are first class

Verified Purchase: Dec 2019

Value for money!! - Alan,

The chickens seem to like it which is all that matters!!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Ok - Victoria, Hampshire,

I personally don't really like this and am going to go back to my other bedding. There's nothing wrong with it, it does the job, but for me it's too messy and I prefer to give my girls a more cosier coop.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2019

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