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Verified Reviews for Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

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Smells nice - Helen,

This product has a strong smell. I am not 100% sure the girls like it but they seem to eat their mash all the same. I like the idea that it will keep them in good condition should they need a pick me up so I am happy to have it in the cupboard. It also has a long use by date.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2017

Excellant product - Elaine,

Gave hens one dose and feathers that had been trying to come through all winter came through (or was this just a coincidence). Anyway will confinue to give it to them

A good old-fashioned tonic - Lorna,

My hens seem to like the poultry spice. My mum has kept hens for over 50 years and remembers giving this spice in the winter as a tonic. So far, so good! I gave them spinach last winter.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Poultry Spice - Gina,

I have three ex-bat girls and I add a pinch of this to their feed about twice a week. They are feathering up nicely with the help of this and other supplements.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

Smells good! - An Omleteer,

this smells good enough to put on my porridge in the morning! I have noticed that the Ladies' eggs seem to have better quality shells and their feathers look very good. It's great value too as it will take me ages to use the tin.

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

I bought this as one of my girls was going through a transformation! Let me explain, I rescued 3 girls from the Battery Hen trust. Ginger and Nutmeg were healthy looking, but poor Chicken Little was a sorry soul with very few feathers as she had been literally hen pecked and bullied in her horrid cage! So just before Christmas she decide that she would go through a full moult! In January as we all know night time temperatures plummeted and I was so worried about her that I even put a blanket on top of the Eglu to keep her extra toasty as by this stage she was nearly bald! I have added the spice to their layers pellets for just over 2 weeks now and she looks like a new girl! I don’t know if it was coincidence with buying this product, but I definitely feel it has helped her through this mineral and calorie zapping time. I would give it a go!

Poultry Spice - An Omleteer,

Great product - seems to have perked my chickens up and they didn't complain about the taste!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

chickens love it ! It smells nice too!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2008

Chicken Spice - An Omleteer,

Smells lovely! Natural ingredients only in this curry spice mix for hens. I've only been using it for a week, so too early to give it a proper review as to its effects, but the chooks seem to like it. I know that pigeon racers have been using this stuff for years and they know a thing or two about keeping birds in fine fettle.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009

Works well but find it fiddly - An Omleteer,

As good as poultry tonic but I've given it 4 stars as I prefer the tonic as you simply add it to water. Although our chooks love this stirred in a mash on cold winter mornings.

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