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Verified Reviews for Battles Poultry Spice - 450g

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They love it - Alyson,

the chickens love the spice on their morning porridge. Sadly the tub was broken and some of the powder was lost. It was good it had been put in a plastic bag as it prevented more being lost

Verified Purchase: Oct 2011

A good old-fashioned tonic - Lorna,

My hens seem to like the poultry spice. My mum has kept hens for over 50 years and remembers giving this spice in the winter as a tonic. So far, so good! I gave them spinach last winter.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Poultry Spice - Gina,

I have three ex-bat girls and I add a pinch of this to their feed about twice a week. They are feathering up nicely with the help of this and other supplements.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

Great stuff! - Diane,

I began adding this to my girls' mash when they started moulting late summer. They have all grown thick new feathers now but I have continued to feed this all winter as they seem to love it and anything that encourages my fussy bantams is good by me! A tin lasts a long time as I only use half a teaspoonful each day so it's good value too.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011

My girls love it - Helen,

Chickens really seem to love it added to their food. They are moulting now so I hope it helps.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

chicken spice - Jane,

Excellent product, as we rescue ex-bat girls it really is a tonic for them, helps feather re-growth.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

Really perked them up! - Sue,

My chickens were looking very sorry for themselves during their first moult and this really helped.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

yum yum! - Ruth,

Bought this to use as a way of ensuring chickens are getting essential vitamins and minerals after worming, moult etc. The grub feeder is empty now each night! Delivery very slow, owner and chooks got very excited waiting for the postman each day and then nothing!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

spice - Maria,

Has a distinctive smell but my girls enjoy it sprinkled on their food.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2013

Very good!! - Chris,

Chickens eat food alot quicker they seem to love it!!!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2016

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