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Poultry drink -

I can recommend this product, my hens love it they queue up when I mix it

A pick-me-up for chickens! -

Works a treat every time. Just gives them a boost when it is damp and cold and ups their appetite a bit!

Yummy Drink -

My chickens love this drink, i add a bit to their water and they are happy

Good product. -

This is easy to use and seems to be good for the chickens.

Useful - Warwickshire,

As a newcomer to chicken keeping I went on advice from experienced keepers and ordered some. I see no reason not to continue with it.

poultry drink -

hens and ducks seem to love this

excellent -

not only good for keeping the chickens in good condition, it makes it easy for me to see if my drinker is empty at a glance.

As described.Good product. -

As usual from Omlet, good product.

Very festive! - An Omleteer,

First time using this, so will have to wait a few weeks to see if it makes a difference. The colour makes the drinker look very festive - although my mum thought there had been a massacre when she went down to feed them while we were away (I'd forgotten to tell her I'd added it to the water!)! Mind your fingers / worktops etc - it stains!

Mealworms. - An Omleteer,

These items were absolutely fine. They were just what was expected at a very good price. Delivery of the goods was lightening fast. We received the package the day after ordering and you just cannot get better than that. Thank you very much indeed. We will certainly be returning when we require more. Thank you again. Brian Willett.

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